:)) 42d I do not believe your eyes

I do not believe your eyes

42 days now? they want to give us a Ninja Event each 2 month? and how player will get pearls now? If you don’t have 5 slots. Farming pearls by items take time.

There must be some complication. 42 days is far too long. I’m sure there’s an explanation for this…@Madlen

We already had these poison ninjas forever. Let us win some new ninjas. @Madlen

Guys you have to read the announcement. It was stated that the next one will be a new Ninja Event starting on the 28th Sep.

at the moment we have write this the announcement was not there. So we cannot read something who’s not there

Which are the worst of the pool, btw…classic…

Please modify the title if you can, you cannot use inappropriate language, but Flare can use inappropriate behaviour with us…

The TE posted it Right after the maintenance so wasn’t it obvious that there would be an announcement? People are way too fast to post everything without even thinking before hand. After a maintenance there is always an announcement.

@NotYourBusiness not the worst and far of it. If I remember the survey made few month ago

1.Fire Ninja was the most voted. So we have get it first

2.Ice Ninja was the second most voted. So we get it after

3.Poison Ninja was the third most voted.So we get it after Ice

4.Brute Ninja was the fourth one

5.Stone ninja was the fifth one

6.Normal ninja was the last

@Warriornator I don’t need a ranking, I have 2 groups, useful and negligible, and in my useful group there are 2 kind of ninjas…guess the others…

I have read the announcement, but I still couldn’t believe my eyes…

My question is simple:


The gold economy is already broke, because we haven’t had an event to feed us gold in WEEKS…

And now… The best event to increase the gold value of every base was…


(Not to mention the easy pearls to forge our base…)

What’s happening here???

Please help us understand this @Madlen

I don’t know why it got posponed other than the fact that they want to implement a NEW Ninja Event.

Whether or not the 42d is too long, while the ninja reward is too low for the 42d wait time.

I think so long time should change the reward, increase the number of pear, chest

Ofcourse there is… but we never get them…

Keenflare and Flaregames should add piercing ninjas and lighting ninjas.

Good thing I unlocked final blacksmith slot last week. Ninja once a month and a half? Haha. Hahahahaha!

No. :angry:

we have Fire,Ice,Poison and Stone (kind of earth) at this point Flare must add Lightning to have all elements