- 44.000 gems

good evening,

you have climbed 44.000 gems for no reason!!!


I sent emails without having any answers.

I hope you solve this problem as soon as possible.

my id game is RUTHVEN

my e-mail s.rossignoli80@gmail.com

@CaptainMorgan, Can u help ruthven?

@RUTHVEN have you already sent a request to support via this link?


Or only via email? It must go through this link.

If so, please let me now.

i just send…

tanks Captain.


is serious???

to date nothing has happened …

no plausible explanation and many excuses for not repaying.

Do I have to proceed by legal means or do we resolve it peacefully?


if you means legal means (in justice) good luck. someone have try for RR2 for a similar issues. They are protected or something. No one can pursues Flare in justice. So if you try. I don’t guaranteed a positive result. Anyway you need Million and million to take service of a lawyer,etc… Flare have over 50 Millions so defend them is not a real problem

I don’t remember the answer.Something like Flare are not forced to respect customers,answer or give anything. So to make this short. Flare do what they want.I don’t remember they have law of something who make them untouchable

@RUTHVEN the forum is not the right place for this issue. Please contact customer support.