4th spell slot

Over the past couple of years, defenses have grown steadily stronger thanks to beasts (which, in my recent but small sample size, are quite unbalanced), somewhat OP towers, one of which is sometimes invincible for some reason and tower’s levels. Among offense exclusive features, only spells have gotten a bit stronger. And with the royally awful rewards for battling and an awful matchmaker, raiding sucks. So I suggest that a 4th spell slot be added, for x amount of gems. This will tip the balance heavily in favor of offense, but I think that would be better for the game than what we currently have, considering there’s no incentive to raid outside wars for many players. And of course, with the terrible rewards for battling, the battles themselves should be easier. If it’s too unbalanced with a 4th spell slot, give towers another level or two or whatever. 

Couple comments here. I totally agree that we need another spell slot because of the recent changes in the game, especially with more tower levels and another Castle Gate upgrade. I don’t think the beast in defense is really that big of a buff for defenses, especially since cannons now shoot at it. One thing that I respectfully disagree with you one is that battles should be easier. I don’t think this is the solution to the problem. This is a tower defense game and the battles are supposed to be hard. The solution to the horrible rewards would simply be to make the rewards better. My suggestion on how to do this would be to make the CoF worthwhile, cause, not only do we have a chance to get close to nothing from a battle, but the rewards that we do get are terrible! The CoF system should be changed to be like the OR CoF. Each crown should give a key to a chest, and you get 4 keys with 3 crowns. There will still be 6 chests in the CoF, however, there are no skulls, there are only rewards. You have 4 keys (if you get 100%) and you click, or tap, the chests you want to open and see what your rewards are. Players should be rewarded for defeating a base. Of course, if this is added into the game, flare won’t have to bother with people complaining that they didn’t get the extra war skulls in the CoF after a battle

That’s right, I forgot about this. Of course, its only useful if you a) use cannons, b) make cannons survive (and stay alive) so they can shoot at the beast and c) make sure they shoot at the beast and not anything else.

The reason I said battles should be easier is because the rewards are so shitty. The difficulty should match the reward and vise versa. Since flare doesn’t seem to have any interest in making rewards better, battles should match the reward given. I’m a little confused though, you support adding a 4th spell slot, which is the only thing I suggested that makes battles easier, but then say you don’t like battles getting easier?

if Flare really want to make defense impossible or very hard. I don’t see any problem if they had 4,5 or 6 spells

Exactly! And I believe this is the way it is in OR. The harder the base, the more likely you are to find a legendary reward in one of the CoF chests

Yeah, I like the way they did it in OR and would definitely support that system in RR2

Maybe there should be more spell slots but limit spells assigned by type, e.g. two offensive spells, one support and one defensive.

As for cof rewards, rewards should improve with each chest you open - it should never happen that you get a legendary reward in a first chest and a standard/grey one in third. Luck or no luck, that’s just dumb. It would at least give some reason to using gems in cof when you know you might get something good with the last chest, as opposed to spending some 30 gems on utter garbage.

I’d be cool with limiting spell types if we got more

That system is how it’s done already. Sometimes you’ll get something less valuable but mostly the rewards get better as you find more

I think it depends a lot of the pal you have and your set, if they limit the type of spell ll limit also the pal u ll use and the items altough they add more spell slots.

For example now i can use a set full of leadership with spells full attack and tammy to support me or bucky to defend me or combine a set with more attack with support and defensive spells  and with ceres that can clone my troops.

It allow us make more combinations. Altough an extra spell slot can help a lot i dont like the idea of  limit the spell’s type.

At least with massive and excessive nerfs now I agree 4th spells is necessary now. If hammerstrike is weak now at least If I want to continue to use it and add a another one who will help me in fight like Hammerstrike,Toxic cloud,Firestorm and Sonic Blast

Firestorm, Sonic, blizzard, swordrain for days lol

With the balance changes I really do agree with this even more so. We need more power on offense

If small changes in size, damage and cooldown already change the raids so much and make every base easily beatable just imagine what the power of one more complete spell available would do. I think this would make the game too easy tbh, they would have to heavily boost defenses for this to happen.

And don’t forget we already do have a 4th spell available but it’s our pals that cast it!

You know the number of spells change nothing in the gameplay. In olympus Rising some heroes have 5 spells like Athena and people still fail the majority of base. Same with 4 spells the majority of base are a pain to defeat and you win buy just 5 or 10 seconds if you don’t do any mistake

in RR2 in this case Flare have just to up the stats of the towers by close the double. If the base was really tough. 4 or 5th spells can be fun. Like use 4 or 5 troops will be more fun

in OR its because the stats of tower like damage and HP up for each level of Ascension you gain. So reach level 130 + enhance + boost make some base really though

if people want to have a hard base they must do the same. Max them,forge them and boost them all

I think more spells and more troops will be more fun. I dream to face a base with 30,40 or 50 towers with 4 minutes clock but with 4 or 5 spells and troops

remember its a tower defense make it tower defense

If you want to avoid a low player be OP then its simple make 4th or 5th spells only be unlockable at Level 100

Level 99. I haven’t quite hit 100 yet. Lol. 

that’s totally wrong! the number of spells change everything in the gameplay!!!

maybe you just don’t remember how it was to have only 2 slots for spells and troops at the beginning of the game but the difference after you unlock those 3rd slots is huge!

and I believe same thing would happen with a 4th slot,
like, it would give you the damage you miss when going with defensive combo or the health/shield you miss when going with offensive combo…
not to mention all the new combo possibilities with one more spell available

Yeah, the difference between 2 and 3 is massive. When I play 2 spell PL’s I get so confused. It’s the same type of thing when they added the pals into the game. Like you said, pals are like a 4th spell and they greatly changed the way you attack!

I think you have right. in OR there is not much difference between the number of power. Some heroes can be more strong will only 3 power and others weak same with 5. in RR2 there is a huge change between 2 and 3. I know i have destroy everyone alone with just the king and I have make some video about it how the game become unbalanced in low level. So if someone bring the 3rd spell earlier in the game. He destroy all

the pal have make a total unbalance i nthe game and add a 4th spell will broke the game. So its not really a good idea after all. There is no fun to destroy a opponent with over 1 minutes 20 seconds

You need to fight better opponents then. Ones that actually give an okayish amount of gold

The pal may be a 4th spell in a way, but it’s one you don’t have complete control over. You need to be able to use a spell in the exact circumstances you want, not how the pal randomly decides to use it and without needing to fight the pal to be where you want it to be when you want when it does. So with pals it’s more like 3.5 spell slots rather than 4.