4th spell slot!?

Is this rumour true that the fourth spell slot will be available soon for 2500 gems? I saw a pic of it O.o

Omg, wtf, lol and all the initials. Oo

There is a photoshopped image someone made, I don’t think we need extra spell slots personally.

Could u post the image?

No sorry, I saw it on one of the facebook pages a week or two ago

Only flare can answer this?

Any admins?

Where did you see this pic ? On facebook but where? In the Official Page of Royal Revolt doesn’t exist any type of link to this argument, so unless they show officially news on facebook https://www.facebook.com/RoyalRevolt/or here on the forum, you don’t have to believe of others sites or pics because are probably fake or remake.

too easy.;;

Ur going to need bigger bait :stuck_out_tongue:

royal revolt 1 has 4 spell slots…

and i hope we dont get 4th one. uber items propably make big offence boost already.

with 4 spells, how could we defend ourselves anymore!?

Agreed sampe1

True what you said probably Uber items replace our “4th spell” that we could have in mind since perks like spells perk and troops perk could be very efficient that we don’t need a 4th spell