4th Troop and Spell Slot

I Can Not Afford a 3rd Troop/Spell Slot. They Should make the 3rd Slot Free And the 4th cost Gems. Thoughs who spent gems on the slots can get free 4th slot. Who Agrees?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Since when was there a 4th troop/spell slot?

You can afford the 3rd slot either buy it without offer or save some gems in the achievement until the offer show up

I think this is an idea, there is a section for suggestions :grinning:


Right, was going to bring this up a while back, it’s kind of related to my philosophy that attack should be better than defence (max spells/troops + good king) should take down master e   and his kingdom without scrolls.


scrolls should be only used by people who are weaker or people who have made a mistake


Now it’s difficult and messy to change all the stats to make it equal and balanced so just add more power, thus the 4th spell slot.


We definitely need a 4th troop slot with all the new monsters, I personally do not use any, I need cannon for castle gate, the other 2 can very but certainly no room for monsters. We also need a 4th troop because of all the new versatility of gameplay your going to bring with the new update :slight_smile:


Now with gems been in quite short supply for most I think the slots should be achieved with your new game mode or extended dungeon or even as a rank incentive.

atlas there was never one they should though

third spell/troop cost 1k in total. Either u work hard win league to earn, or get ur gem from achievement if u are free player. 

Or save ur gem and wait for starter pack which will gv u all in just 500 gem with additional worker. 


I don’t really see how hard it is in getting third spell/troop. If you are just starting to play, then u won’t need to use 3rd spell/troop in most base. So u can win by only 2 spell/troop . Collect ur gem during that time . I think only around 2.5k trophy around that you will really need to start using 3rd spell/troop to win. 

First off having a 4th spell slot would be a ridiculous thing to do, having 4 spell slots would mean that Flare would have to increase the health of all towers or else you would breeze through these defenses like a hot knife through butter. There are only so many combinations here. Most towers are weak against blunt just a maxed a Sonic Blast does massive damage along with a maxed out Bladestorm then on top of that you have a heal spell and you still request another slot, that’s like saying you want to have a guaranteed win every time you raid.


Good but no good, for now i think 3 slots is efficient enough to get the job done properly without being too powerful  .


As far as the cost of the 3rd slot, Well if you want to be the best then you have to earn it  :grinning:

To beat masterE you have to level up and spend gems , he got there with effort and money so I strongly disagree that people like him should be beatable without scrolls especially not lower level players as hes got everything at max level.



You can’t take down masterE because you’re weak while top 10 players can’t beat him no scrolls because they made mistake (before the monster update) 


MasterE’s base was beatable without scrolls before monster update , now maybe HsMk can beat him no scrolls but not sure about other players maybe mischreiber1967 and a few more level 100 above king like Mr UAE and DOINNOVATION.


For me as per now , attack and defence is balance.It was worse when gargoyles were made to be over-powered making scrolls a must.


4th slot will take the balance away , defence will be useless and if you say just add more HP to towers and more morale points etc. then better not change anything because it’ll be the same thing but with extra everything.

No need of 4th slots… It will make game more easier… For me 3 is enough… Even the top players only need 3 slots…

3 Slots is plenty.

And if your having a that hard a time getting 3rd spell slot you have a LONG road ahead of you, my friend.

Take FII NAMI’s advice and save up for it.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

We would everything but we wouldn’t carve out  :slight_smile:

I agree, for me the 4th slot could unbalance a lot of thing. And it would be really unfair for a medium-high level player who spent a lot of millions, money, gems and time to reach his level…I know that medium-low level king would reach the top in a blink of an eye but as Fii Nami said “…you have to level up and spend gems, he (MasterE) got there with effort and money…” and we should do the same…tactics and strategies, patience and constancy…   :slight_smile:

You don’t need 4th slot to beat masterE , what you need is patience and skills or money and skills.You see skills is important even with lots of money spent.


Even now with 3 slots mid level player are getting strong because they’re learning from top players with lots of videos by Jason and sn1kt and help from forum members , when I start playing it was tougher to progress because I had to learn from mistakes


In time , people will catch up with top players because for now those who max everything can’t improve their defence any further while we can get stronger king (level 90 should do) to challenge them.

A 4th troop slot might not be too bad.  I frequently wish I could summon one or two frosters when I take Arblasters in slot #3.  A 4th spell slow would require the game be completely rebalanced.


Early in the game, 1000 gems seems like a huge amount to spend.  However as you level up you will find that winning platinum and eventually even diamond leagues becomes somewhat routine.  By then 1000 gems isn’t that hard to come by.

I’m not 100% on 4th spell either but I am on forth troop slot.  It’s funny, people say it would be unbalanced with another spell, yet are happy to use scrolls lol.

4th spell slot would make the game unbalanced and getting 100% would be the new standard and defenses would be meaningless.


The scream already got buffed and makes attacking much much easier already.


4th Troop slot however is a nice addition. 3 different troops to counter a very high level base sometimes isn’t enough when there’s all sorts of troops in the waves. 

4th spells slot and scrolls are two different thing , one will be completely free and have short cooldown while the other cost gems/pearls and have long cooldown.Thats why the 4th slot will make the game imba , because you will use it everytime its available but scrolls only uses when people made mistakes like you stated yourself.


You’re so desperate to win every single raid aren’t you ?

Not so much desperate, but limited bread/play on windows, so I have to make them count to progress. I cant just watch a video and refill my silo to aquire enough gold for an upgrade The main issue is making it possible to beat the top bases without scrolls with maxed out troops/spells. Also it’s a matter of principle.

It is possible when you’re strong enough and to make the most out of your food resources , don’t raid tough base and of course not top 10 base.

that will complitly destroy the game litrually all balance out of the window, if you cant afford 3rd spell slot and unit slot dont claim your hight gem quest drop low on gems do some battles get a package that gives both and boom claim it 

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