5-10s Freeze at every web service called?


In the last 12h, the game has been freezing for 5 to 10 seconds each time I do an action involving the server, there is something wrong.

My team experienced it too.

I experienced it on my android tablet, over WiFi ADSL and 4G, so it is not my internet connection. However, I don’t have it yet on my windows phone.

The freeze happens in battle too, just at the moment I reach a crown, making it really hard to play !

If anyone experienced that kind of problem and can help narrow it down, that would be great !

I hope someone can resolve it soon, big battles are happening today


Edit : I is happening on my windows phone 10 now.


Yes, the game is almost unplayable, the lags are insane and its happening during conquest,very annoying.

Same here,  freezing at least 5x a fight, pro league score is destroyed, festivalfights unplayable, for the conquest i don’t even risk to fight.

What are you gonna do flare.  Pro league score is ruined for the whole month.

Yup, stop motion every few secs.

it happened to me during festival and for some of my clan members during conquest battles , one of our player couldn’t move for a specific tile a he had energy and it is not an enemy tower , he could move to any nearby tile next to this specific tile 

Same for me. ?

same to me too, android phone, asean countries.