5 ascension level below your level


since update i have not got any lower ascension level in my map, im lvl 73 only get higher levels between 74 and 103  thats generate automaticly.

just wondering if more people have this issue? still cant earn trophies back from lower levels this way…

greetz CrazyCMM

I’ve seen a couple players 2 or 3 levels lower. Very, very rare though. Yea hard to earn those cups back from lower levels. I just avoid the fights that I know’ll be tough. No risk to lose my cups or gems.


Could you please let us know the name of this level 103 player?

It is more likely that this player had much less trophies than you, which is why he got matched onto your islands. :grinning:

AndyKu lvl 103 got him once, lvl 102 xxPoisedonxx if i beat him he get right back on the same spot, lvl 101 Garpel he is coming back randomly. still havent seen lower then my own level so its really rare they pop up.

I am seeing some players that are lower level than me but like you said I see some level 100+ players as well. A level 25 gap is a little much…


yes hate to say it again, but trophy system also not good again the downflow is still way bigger then it goes up a lot of high lvl 3 or 4 trophies to be won, and lose 100 in 5 min stopped attacking to slow down the trophy loss again. just a matter of time and we high lvls have nothing left again! but try that to explain to devs!! ah well gonna wait for next update again…

I think it’s to soon to tell on trophy system, I am seeing at least a mixture of high and low levels in leaderboards ?

adding the capability to attack lower levels is a start even though most of the time it’s only worth 3 trophies

it’s been almost motionless for me on trophy count, not getting attacked and just farming resources for upgrades

the only ways you get upstream of trophies is that we gain thropies with defence like before all the updates took place, if they can not beat defence,  players dissapear and get replaced, or we must be able to attack the whole field of players and not only 5 lvl below, that already seems rare they pop up, but have a nice weekend all!! 

Flare has changed the description for this - now it`s “5 levels lower then it was before the upgrad”. So if you would have been presented opponents with +25 levels they will now be “only” +20 levels ahead …   Excellent improvement.