5 Days Left, All Rewards Won. Yawn

So we have over 5 days left and already secured the healing tent. The only thing to fight for is first plqce, and a troop boost we don’t use and can’t supplement with another boost since all our gold is spent in Conquest.

We need ongoing rewards to make Conquest interesting. All that is left are travel (boring), waiting for energy (boring), and wars (can fight those any time).

The strategic side is left to a few generals and for the rest this is drudgery or game function we can get elsewhere.  There is no impetus to participate but loyalty and OCD.

Can you lose the rewards? Or are they secure no matter what happens?

they stay :slight_smile:   @suboptimal

Are you sure? Members telling me they experienced different. Is there an official statement?

at least you are not getting ganged after first peacefull 18hr, all reward get without much stress is already worth to celebrate ? 

You will keep the chests if you lose points again after reaching the max in the bar…but not the tent if you go under the needed points for the tent. 

In the last conquest we falled from 175 to around 70 points but we won all chests and the tent


Regardless, we have 5 days of no real reason to play Conquest. There need to be in game rewards and benefits to encourage participation.  Right now all I do is move, wait for energy, war, wait for energy.  Boring.

i can cut out the moving and waiting and just raid with matchmaker.

There’s still the placing rewards. The toxic snake tower seems good.

They could integrate some random bots which attack towers. Nothing difficult just to keep the members busy :slight_smile:  Roaming wildlife.

Game is over on our map, too. All sorted out.

Lol.  Everything was decided in 3 days.  Now relax and pray that ninja and wars happen more often.  Those chests are useful during blacksmith

Same here, our conquest was over after 3 days