50% discount on gem purchase offer.

I received this offer and had a ten day time frame to accept.

I had just purchased gems the day before and was going to except within the time frame given because it is to good to pass up. But 1 day later its gone… Where?? This is not fair and is mean… I used more of what gems l had planning to buy more and now l carnt… You’ve sucked me in now for the 100% cost…

I say don’t offer if your not going to uphold the deal to your time frames given… Players strategy’s revolve around their choices…

I want the deal back pls as l now want the gems… Thank you…

Merry Christmas.

From CANDO ALL of the Empire of the sun alliance…


I hope it just propagated sooner than it was supposed to. With luck it will come back for Christmas eve or around there.

I too was wanting to stock up on gems

in my account too. im lucky that i already bought gems and planning to buy more but the discounted offer is gone…

Its appears on my windows phone then i log in using my android cause i need to charge my wp. After that the discounted gem offer is gone even i log in using my wp again.

really upset about this offer,Mine said 8 days,and then it was gone,several in team have been waiting for a reasonable offer,and quite annoyed that was advertised for a long period,then you took it away.NOT ON FLARE…YOU SEEM TO RUB SALT INTO THE VERY OPEN WOUNDS WE ALREADY HAVE FROM YOUR RECENT UPDATES,And here I was thinking the reason to update something was to improve it,how wrong can I be,


i filed a ticket i want my offer back…and soon


Lol Gypsy

if we get offer they owe it to us…if its a glitch on their part it makes no difference …i expect them to face their obligations

At least u guy got offer me I a apple user I hoping they would give out 50% discount offer on gems but all I got it crap deal :slightly_frowning_face:

Well l didn’t get the 50% discount back… They offered no price reduction just 20% extra gem…

I’d have rather saved $70 dollars than just 4000 extra gem at $140.

give me that darn offer you stole flare

well where is that 50 per cent offer …i get no answer …flare you cannot snatch an offer back. i want it not the crappy substitute

I thought it was just me… :slight_smile:

no all off us flare is not for the game during xmas …we still have a war to fight but they r drinking eggnog

still waiting…plz give us back our 50 percent off offer.ticket is 3 days old allready and nothing

Don’t want to dissapount you but they do not give those back.had the same issue a few weeks ago, filed a ticket and the support answered that they will look into the issue but can not resend the sale offer :slightly_frowning_face:

the offer said good for 10 days…i only got 2 hours

Lucky you. My one lasted ca 3 min

well we know they can resend sale offer

It was probably a mistake by Flare.

even if a mistake one has to pay for them

if i mess up a raid i get no redo