500 gems for downloading Monsters

I downloaded this game one week ago, i was playing Monsters by week and now i cant get 500 gems ? 

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@Madlen  Should go to off topic.

Plz check.

No, it is correct here. It is also no tapjoy offer. Therefore, our devs should have a look. Spacebreaker, so you did have RR2 installed and then downloaded Monsters with Attitude after you received that info? Whats your in-game name in RR2?


I unistalled Monsters with Attitude one or two days ago. ‘Spacebreaker’ :grinning:

I wrote you a PM.

@Madlen I don’t get my gems too after downloading and playing it a few stage


Sorry to hear that.

Could you please contact the customer service about it? You can reach them here:


Make sure to give them the following information:

Your Royal Revolt 2 ingame name

Your Monsters with Attitude User ID (NOT your nickname) -> you can find it in the settings menu

and additional info, such as if you were playing both games on the same device

Thank you!


Tq,I send the mail to flare later

problem.with that game as well.because of that i can’t progress 2 enter event …

RoyalRevolt 2_2019-04-11-16-59-48.png

I downloaded it this morning from royal revolt screen… played for a long time got nothing…

I got it right after I installed the game. Worked fine.

Same here.  I submitted a ticket to Flare about it.


Yeah, heard for some they got it right away, others after the tutorial.  


played for over 3hours and nothing.submitted a ticket and nothing.