€5000,- on gems

LOLOLOLOL flaregames! To buy all upgrades in the game with gems atleast cost €5000,-. Do you really think people will buy gems if the price is that high? Only a few with alot of money will. You could earn more if you lower the price for gems. I would say €40,- for 20.000 gems and maybe even that is to high.

You can be a free player like me, earning free gems during your Royal Revolt playlife, it’s not written that you must buy gems to get everything maxed, just play slowly winning leagues, completing dungeon (diamond vault caves) and so on and most of gems will be totally free also there are offer package that allow you to save gems just collect them always and you have the chance of the offer packages buy it =)

Some people have probably spent that much or very close to it.

free gems is nice…but hey on android i can get them, but not on my laptop coz it runs on windows…so flare…thats truly unfair, without flair…so on windows i play free and get 0,000000000000000000000000000000 free gems, but off course payin alli members nag about upgrading alli tower…why should a reasonable person spent 400 gems on upgrading for 50k extra donations…but again if i had acces to free gems i may be would, but now never…im playin for fun, not paying for reaching nr 1

Try playing on windows…