505 Renegades ... New Alliance looking to Dominate!

Good Afternoon!

Are you ready to build the NEXT GREAT ALLIANCE?



Search for and join the 505 Renegades and let’s do something special together! 


The future of the game is coming… Join now!

The clan continues to grow… The only thing missing is YOU

If  you  were with us, then  who  could be against us?

Find the 505 Renegades in the game and let’s dominate!

There is strength in  numbers!  We want you! 505 Renegades is dominating… Come join us!

Ragnarok, You need to let the board know more about your alliance. Alliance level and if you have any boost going. What you are looking for in a alliance members. Like hero level, donation level and trophy amounts you are looking for in a member.


i want to merge with you , my alliance name {Dark Knights}


Willam22, I would like an air of mystery and suspense, only attracting those interested in being interesting!


Darren7, I’m open to more conversation



Ragnarok, Most are going to think  it pretty much a open alliance with no requirement to join. That’s perfectly fine, but as Opelle point out in how to make a alliance thread,any alliance worth joining is going to have some requirement for it members. Even if the requirement are low like 1k plus trophies and 5k donating. It show who you are looking for and saves people time if they aren’t high enough to join your team. 

where is your team , there is no one inside.


Ragnarok come join my team i already invited you and have some people wanted to see you