-52 trophies, why this happens

I fought and dead gains just 1 crown and got -52 trophies that’s so much why this happens? I gained 50 trophies for next ninja event in 10+ battles and lost it in a fight that’s not fair 

It is the way the system works and it can be used to your advantage in the following ways:

  1. Many times I have attacked and retreated 8 times in a row in order to loose 400 trophies. Why? Your trophy count has direct effect on how many gold you can get and who can attack you

  2. At some point everyone need to realise it is not your attacks that gain you trophies - it is your defence that does it. No one will get to 4000 trophies without a good defence.

  3. You have lost 52 trophies but the other king has gained 52 trophies. Why? Your higher king level compared to his lower king level was taken into account. He just has an excellent defence relative to your king level