57 lvl alliance - PK: Laughing Coffin

Hi Everybody,

PK: Laughing Coffin, or for short PK, a level 57 alliance is under new management. Before going on about how amazing things will be, some facts:
PK is now officially the sister and training ground of the top 20 alliance SK: Warriors.
Among other things, that means its leadership will consist from a bunch of old SK generals with a significant gaming experience ready to help and advice newer members. Then, various incentives including occasional visits to a fully boosted alliance (SK: Warriors) if you need to test new boosts or finish some dungeon levels, a common chat to have fun and discuss strategy and a Facebook group full of in house tutorial videos of the most popular bases in the game.

Interested? PK is open for a limited time as we are rebuilding it. If your donation is 50k or more feel free to join. War participation at the beginning is not mandatory as we are trying to lose fiefs, but appreciated later. We currently have boosted knights and barricades, adding the third boost based on popular vote as our budget improves. See you there and let’s kick some ass together. Or defeat some enemies. Steal princesses. Whatever