592 ranked alliance, 24/7 blazing knights, 12hr/day storm canons!

Hello Kings and Queens,


KnightLightFoodFight is looking to add to our growing alliance! We are a friendly and casual US based team. Everyone is welcomed to join!


We have 24/7 blazing knights,12 hour/day storm canons and other boosts (barricades, archers, spikes) during war!


Our requirements are:


  • 100k daily donation

  • 3 attacks in each battle front during war

  • We respect private time so it is most important to have fun and to enjoy the game!


Please apply to join!


ign - annie cat

Alliance:  KnightLightFoodFight


Elite Knights permanently boosted to level 5.


We just upgraded from alliance level 15 straight to 21 so there are 6 slots open.  Current donations allow Storm Canons on 12 hours/day but once we fill the 6 slots they will be permanently boosted like the Knights.


During War season a lot more boosts are on.


The main members of the alliance donate >50M per month through cash/gem donations so we can sustain more boosts than similar alliances that are medium size and casual.  We will probably stay at level 21 for a long time and just sustain boosts that the members enjoy the most.  We only require 100k towers, but you can enjoy the boosts of a 250k alliance.