6 Hours for 100 Pearls?

Pretty sure this is a display but, but it NEVER takes that long for 108 pearls and I don’t want to be charged 78 gems to finish it.


Not a screen issue, apparently. 106 peaks at 4 seconds per pearl should take just 7 minutes and a couple seconds. It’s still melting and I posted this more than 15 minutes ago. Add in time to learn how to do a screenshot, login for the first time in months, and make the post this is even slower than without a BS event.

this is a new picture.

Hi PicklePete,

Thanks for reporting. This is the same issue as in ShadowsGuardian thread. The item of the 1st slot is a different one than actually displayed. The one displayed is a copy of the item to the right. But the items and gem costs are correct, but for the “good” item which is due to the bug not being displayed.

We are aware of the fact that this issue is quite annoying and has been in the game for a long time now. We are still looking for a way to reliably reproduce the issue so we can properly fix it.

Thank you.

So this means you can actually melt 9 items? One which is currently worked on and 8 in the queue?

Nope, item number 9 disappears in the void, you pay for adding it, while there is no space available. Both item plus gold disappear. 

So better first accept items from a chest and not send them directly to a blacksmith slot, unless you know there is space available. 

I have the same problem every few hours or les

36 mins for 165 pearls instead of 11 mins

It looks like game is not registering that free boost on blacksmith is turned on.



One of 2 things might be happening:

  1. The item’s visual is bugged (this can happen to multiple items, until the culprit item is finally gone)

  2. Your boost is running out mid meltdown

Maybe it is “visual bug”, but because this “visual bug” I need to wait more than 5hrs for 2k item ? ,and my boost is not runned out in the mid of melting proces

When my free boost run out, and I start it again it will probably repaire itself, but until then I’m loosing a lot off time

When my free boost run out, and I start it again it will probably repaire itself, but until then I’m loosing a lot off time


And again, 1h 45 mins for 67 pearls 


This is not a bug. It’s just that your boost is running out in the middle of melting that item.

With boost during the whole time, that item (2159 pearls) would take 2h48m.

1h20 = 1027 pearls melt with boost

2159 - 1027 = 1132 pearls without boost, which is why the time goes up to 5h.

If you reactivate the boost immediately, you will see the time goes down appropriately.


No, this is a visual bug. Notice that you have 2 duplicate visuals (green helmet).

I’m guessing the first green helmet is actually a pro item worth around 1400 pearls (assuming the boost will not end mid melt).