6 year anniversary approaches? No moderator? No announcements?

We are only worried about the future of this game. As soon as possible, I write my list of suggestions.

Would love to be rid of conquest but i doubt it will happen since so much time put into making it. All players dislike it. It requires too much real life time. If they are going to keep it , the time should be reduced to 3 days. Its is too long for amount of time required.

  1. if it will be 3 days it will be even more hell
  2. for sure its not “all playwrs dislike it”.

Why do you talk for all? Who are you? Leader of gamers community?

Many likes conquest, a lot of players


@cr1 I think you replied to the wrong person. @Kuska said that, not me.

I really like conquest, for me and my team playing conquest is fun. At least there members show team spirit, we divide the tasks and go for it.

Yeah, sorry!

I hate CQ, but i would never said everyone hate too🤣

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It’s fine, no problem.

Sorry i am sure not everyone. I don’t really mind the idea so much just the amount of days involved? It disrupts people lives during work hours and so on… sorry was tired yesterday from no sleep…[thanks to conquest with team on opposite sleep schedule]

And who are you? You reply to every post like you are some kind of forum god. We all have the right to add input. You argue with every one here like you own the forum. I see biggest group banned you for same behavior. We have dealt with each other before , and I know you can be a rational person?
I would suggest maybe taking a chill pill and relax a little. It is a game, many people play, many different opinions. Yours are not the only ones that matter, even if flare has put you in some special little group [which in itself is a joke. Because your post show you only care about the top few teams in this game… 10 teams will not pay flares bills].
So relax Cromka…
Maybe let some others speak so forum might come back to life again without every comment being dismissed by the great cromka?
Shame on flare for the new “elite group” of players adding input? All input from all levels is what is needed. Obviously it has gone to his ego

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You can just dream about my real life Kuska its first.
My life is awesome and i really god of time management​:rofl::rofl: i have time for everything;)

And you will never see i talks for all, instead of you.
Its you are queen of complaint and you never share any good , just a complaints about absolutly every reason

So i doubt i need a chill pill;)

If you would try to think you would understand, that as less days as many money will rule, cuz as much matter will be levels of towers

But u just dont try to think about and as many at this forum just try to share every puk about everything.

Nothing bad ofc, but i feel duty to answer such kind of measages​:rofl::rofl:

You knows nothing about the game instead of me, who was middle player and who is top.
And main you think about the game, as low player instead of me, who think about all sides: money income fpr devs, mid players, low players and about the top;)

And i absoultly sure its no point to care about the players like you.
Cuz if u will check ur messages- there is no positive.
What a point to talk?

Blah blah blah…

:rofl: thats the difference between us;)
Im trying to see the whole picture while you just complaints about everything;)
Lets try to help you
Your team is poor. If the 3 day limit will implement will win the team who will do level 3-4 towers upgrade
Its easy, cuz 4 times worker do level 1 towers, you will get just 28 points, or one level 4 is 90+ as i remember.

Easy to calculate and easy the only one from many reasons- your idea is like ur other complaints, not help even you.

Thats why its funny to see measages at this forum
There are only few can see even 2 steps ahead

But a lot of ones who thinks they can give advices🤣

Smart enough not to spend that much money on a mobile game​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Its if you have limit of money

I have no limits.
For me its a dust, not my problem for you its MONEY

People that brag about money are usally trying to compensate for lack of something else.

so sad;( you nailed me;(

Anyway i hope even u understand now that ur 3 days idea is very selfish and will be a reason for you to make new complains only.

For celebrate the user, surely a new Game event is good.
Chests are definitely a good way to strengthen our account, but
Please give us one new game event worthy of playing the game.
Time to quietly research, solve and play new games. Calms and refreshes a tired body and mind.

I do not compare Conquest with others. The amount of work undertaken depends entirely on the person and the alliance.

Cromka, Kuska, Dena and Aslan
With LV130 players
What we are doing during the 5 days of Conquest
I think the type of work, the number and efficiency of multitasking, and the time spent are different.

The fun of Cromka’s Conquest is not obvious to the other three.
The focus of Dena’s research on the curiosity of Conquest is unknown to the other three.
Aslan,Cromka and Dina don’t know the pain of the conquest in Kuska’s time.

Did so many multitasking
My body and mental fatigue after the conquest
Are the other three now alike?

What about other users?
How’s your health?

(The health concerns I first raised have unfortunately not been improved.
There is no relief on the system.
If you get sick, you won’t be able to log in to the game, so don’t say anything.
The number of users is just getting smaller. )

Don’t be so weak that you can’t say anything.
That’s it for Conquest mode.

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Only here to read cr1 replies

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Yes its unfortunate that cromka doesnt realise he and ones like him are the minority in game.
Its fine they will get focus for the revenue they supply regardless so commenting here is pointless for him. The input from low spenders and free players is super important as it constitutes 95% or more of players and without them who would they scroll and relife and pay to win on? I honestly think buying stone should be removed as its equivalent to buying skulls in war lol. As soon as other teams see that the event is no longer an event but a boring trudge to its paid outcome.
Honestly… I would rather see insurance sold for some high amount say 100k gems and it guaranties the team all boosts rewards regardless of outcome. then they can all play the event have fun finding out who really is better but still enjoy max perks.

Yeah we are minority.
The players with a brain always are limited.
A lot of others who even dont understabd what do they talk about, like Kuska, who asked to limit CQ in 3 days and who qill start complaint immidiatly after that cuz