-60% builder movment tech tree

No see difference in cooldown after movment. Is this bug or explanation of this “tech” is no clear enough?

That’s for building/ upgrading a tower. When you want to upgrade tower there’s time for “Builder Travel Cooldown” and “Construction Time”. Both added for total time to build/ upgrade a tower. The one that get -60% is “Builder Travel Cooldown”. So if you have completed research that tech, your upgrading time for a tower faster than before.

Was thinking like all players pawn are builders if you have “free builder”.

make no sense

You must be physically present with pawn in order to start building.

where is this builder which is traveling I do not see his travel. Another BS!


Try to build the tower

you will see 2 time( one is builder miving time and another is building time).

so this builder moving time is reduced to -60

Can be that I miss that while building a tower.

Any how see no point of that kind limitation(moving time) while you must be there with alliance pawn.

“Decrease the cool down”

cool down makes problem in explanation

thanks cr1

This is probably the most useful boost so far, towers win conquest, build towers, protect them, win :slight_smile:


Hi @buuks

it makes the impression to me your question is now answered. If this is not the case, please let me know.

Thanks! :slight_smile: