+6800 trophys in Game

my trophy 5600
he have 6818 trophy
when I click attack him he show me 0 trophy
how he got 3 trophy from me but show me 0 trophy??
@GalaMorgane @FTB @Archimedes @KKStar @Lisa
please fix it this bug

Not a bug this is how flare protects trophies for players with x amount of trophies above you.

So if they don’t fail any attacks, they can never lose trophies? Since no one is within 700 trophies of them, right?

Sounds about right, they can also attack you at around 1200 trophy more than you and still get trophy also.

I think what OP meant was, it was ok the other way around when he could take trophy from low rating but they couldn’t take trophy from him when they attack.

but now it is him that cannot get trophy from higher player it is a ‘bug’

This is a non issue for OP anyway since he says the 6800 guy is always online, so even if he could take trophy he couldn’t attack.

Get your alliance to push you up within range then you can start attacking him haha.

If 700 is the range, then get your alliance to push you to 6100. You’ll need lots of 5500++ friends to do that for you lol

This has happened a few times before, and VL and allies were able to bring him down, not sure why there is such a fuss about cheating being online 24/7 etc etc and flare have to do something about it this time. The last times just a couple VL / allies were pushed high to bring the RL guy down. There is one up there now and the #1 guy has lost trophy so it doesn’t seem like he is doing anything funny to be online (more likely just being attacked lots as he is #1 - same as rest of top 10).

Have heard some “top alliances” are up in arms about it this time, seems they didn’t notice it last time / nor understand the game mechanics that have been in place for a while now.

he use online cheat


We will fix this, thanks for forwarding the issue.

You can fix it only with ban for this guy. You ban him from pro league so he is cheater and he need permament ban from game.

Nice, yeah some people are always online too, no idea how they are doing that.

thx for replay


Following users always are online:




Son of Telamon



I guess @mostafaxxx is IRAN AZRAEL

I would love to criticize him on this as much as I’ve criticized him for his cheating methods for getting top1 2 months ins a row in PL… but, for whatever it’s worth, I have attacked Immortal Madness a few times in the past week. He has actually been pretty open to attacks whenever I’ve tried, even though he’s famous for playing long hours.

Maybe It’s a time zone thing.


haha yes as the OP says, they must all be using online cheat and abusing bugs, ban them all -nevermind that the OP is one of them…

anyway don’t see what the problem is, VL / top are complaining its boring they always on top, bit more lively like this.
go get 'im tigers.


Oh yeah. Please allow everybody attack any players at any time

see those complaints about too many attacks a day? prepare for a whole new level of griefing.
might be fun if alliances target a few players they know are trying to reach high ninja tier, drop them down to under 4.5k tier.

@jacobphan Do you have proof those players are cheating or are you just making accusations??

he cry