6x king, 2500 trophies, 150k donate, looking for an alliance

I just need Knight, Archer and Cannon (or orge) are boosted daily. Donate daily because I’m online 12/24, war at least 3 raids per front. I’ll reach 250k donate in 30days.

ign sir?

what is ur ally?

Søger du stadigvæk en alliance

Søger du stadigvæk en alliance

GOLD DIGGERS. We have boosted knights,archers and barricades. 12 members now. 2 are 500k. As of this post boosts have 2+days on them and 11 million in the treasury. Level 16 alliance, so as of right now we can’t get cannon boost, but we will grow.

Como faço p m aliar?

use english or vietnamese please guys :confused:

Nevermore if u like I can book a slot for u right now we full and a lot of our member friend want to get in we have member from Indian Vietnam germen but we only chat in English.

Our 24/7 boost are 8/8 knight 6/6 archer 3/3 tough barricade off war

In war we active orge + other boost if needed

Alliance name:Rising Warriors

My Ing: fire1964 u can add me in friend list to talk more if u interesting in our alliance

Dark Pegasus Alliance We have boosted knights, archers, and barricades now.  Very close to boosted cannons.  

Very organized, well run (heavily use a facebook group to better communciate with the team) and we’re a friendly, talkative group.

My IGN: Soduer 

If you’re still looking. GOLD DIGGERS has moved up in alliance level. We now run boosted knights, archers, barricades and range bombers. When we get more daily donations coming in, we will include cannons. They will be activated in war if needed. We won 1st in last war, so at the moment we have those 3 boosts as well.

SuicideSquad6969 if you still need an alliance check us out