7 active players lvl 67-95 looking for active Alli.

Hello all, 7 players from WaR Eagles ll are looking for a new home. We are very active and donate every day as well as participate in wars.

We range from lvl 67-95. Majority of players in high 80’s. Range from 1800-3500 trophies.

We love war, so joining an alli that enjoys war is a must.

hello i’m was just looking for 7 active members for war , great i am glad if you join the  :           [DARK KNIGHTS] OR ADD Darren795

i invited you all but you don’t accept invites so i add you as friend 
we are a great and active clan

Friend request sent, contact me, we’ll  chat :grinning:


they found an alliance already

hey if you are still in search of an ally we “Allegiant” can give you a good home to settle :slight_smile: