7 Morale Troop: Ghost

Royal Revolt really really really needs a 7 Morale Troop. Often when building defensive waves the Morale gap between Mortar (5) and Monk (10) can be awkward when you really need a 7. I think a Ghost with a Fear Spell would be awesome!

good idea! I think that would be cool!

I seriously think we have more than enough troops, spells, obstacles, pals plus guardians.

Well you’re wrong.
This isn’t about troop count.
This is about that odd space where you’re trying to put Power Archers in your Waves and you have 13 Morale points left and 4 slots. If you fill up the slots you only have 8 Power Archers and you have wasted 5 Morale. If you throw in a Monk you then get 1 Power Archer and a Knight and an empty slot. It’s just weird. With the Ghost simple: 1 Ghost and 3 Power Archers (no waste).
Currently it’s like not having enough types of change to conveniently make payments.

Well, I am not wrong at all, when I read your waves just have 20 morale, then I expect you to be a, with respect, low level player. We have more than enough at our arsenal to play with.

For the record, a wave can have 46 morale and there are 9 waves max. https://royal-revolt-2.fandom.com/wiki/Castle_Guard

Maybe you should first level up more, unlock other troops and upgrade waves to max before asking to introduce a new kind of troop. I have some waves with 2 necromancers and a wolf (2x15 plus 1x16) for example, it’s not important to fill up all slots, using max morale for defensive troops is. I can put 4 monks plus some archers/knights in a wave if needed.

So I would suggest to first level up waves more (it takes years to max waves, so keep upgrading that as top priority). Start to use some higher morale troops, since using power archers only is a waste of 30 morale per wave. A new medium morale troop won’t make a difference there. It’s even a waste of wave morale to put 8x5 cannons in defense, you really need some 10+ morale troops like monks, necromancers, ogres, wolfs or vikings in each wave to use all morale.

Learn to use vikings, ogres, wolfs, monks and put those in defense (or not) .

No Ur wrong cause we could also think of making more levels for waves and we could allow it on defense. Plus, there hasn’t been a new troop since 2017. And also, we are only adding a new troop. Not an obstacle, tower, spell, pal, or guardian.