700 K, where next?

First of all a big “CONGRATULATIONS” to royal revolt 2 team.

TEAM = all stakeholders including the developers, promoters, staff, and players (both paying and free).

This game and its popularity would not have been so great without all of you.

Now- what next? I probably guess a 1 million mark for likes. This is only possible if the game keeps maintaining the interest as it has done in the past.

I feel now the upgrading is taking ages. Either the upgrade days can be reduced or introduce everyday quest mode to look for some interesting items. I know dungeons are present but the new ones are currently very tough and out of reach for many mid-range players. 

I have not thought too deeply in the pros and cons of a daily quest. Could be 3 wars for gems, pearls, items?




Nope, they are looking forward for 800k likes, then 900k then 1M, and will take months lol

But they could have like given everybody some gems since its a special occasion to them and they have announced it with such a fanfare.

Instead of a 7* 7000 raffle. 

giveaway free gems it’s a dream since always, you know that will never happen  -_-

This way IGG of Castle clash is alot better, they throw out rather sigfnificant ammount of gems after almost every update even when new gem cost thing isnt implented.

Flare would have kept alot bigger player base if they did something like this but too greedy

Yes, I liked it a lot, but then my heroes got stuck at a higher level. You cannot upgrade with gems, so had to drop the game.

they are gonna go for 800k where they will give out 8x8000 gem :stuck_out_tongue:

The winner will be the casual member that accidentaly downloaded the game and insert its ign and win… and the next day will delete or forget to have played rr2.  -_-

Should have? It’s like you don’t know fg  :lol:

I have unliked the game on facebook a very long time ago, as a sign of protest against their deliberate windows users discrimination.

Only one vote, yes, negligible. But imagine all the windows players doing that…