%73 you all seen it

I just hate when im really close to winning and time runs out i dont even see a bar left on the castles health. but then you get to results you see %73. and a big loss. you know its one more hit that needed to take it down and its should be 90% at least to be fair. the loss is a loss but calculation seem just a bit unfair. Just my humble opinion. 

50% comes from towers, 25% comes from gate health, 25% from winning… It does seem kinda unfair…

In my experience the 25% from the gate health splits in two parts: 10% for reaching the gate and 15% for the gate health.

You mean 10% for walking into the rectangular area in front of the gate? Because I don’t remember getting anymore percent for actually hitting the gate with my sword…

Thats indeed what I ment with reaching. I don’t know at what exact point you get the extra 10%, but it is way before you have destoryed 40% of the gate.

I’m annoyed by the math as well, however I think it makes sense. At the end, when the gate was not down you have not won the match, if you don’t win you should not get a high percentage.

Not sure if all of this information is still correct, but take a look here:



For completing the path/reaching the gate, you get 8.33%.

That was a good read giving a lot of info