8 days 24/7 war: only little chests!?

Those who all played this conquest 24/7 ended up only with poor rewards?!!? Are you kidding me?? I don’t like to have these little amount of rewards for those breathtaking conquest! In the rewards topic, it has mentioned about 110 epic gem chests, but I ended up with 3! ?

Pls give us enough rewards as prescribed! Or it is the only amount of chests you offer, then ok! I will not waste my time in future conquests!

Hope you will reply! :slightly_frowning_face:

110 tiles needed to get a chest.

I have players that fought, who didn’t get any chests at all? Half of our crew to be exact?


Lo mismo en nuestra alianza. Se tomó una semana y las recompensas fueron malas. Y las élites no están activas.


Half of our players me included did not get any chests yet.

According to Madlen, the rewards will (hopefully) all be delivered until tomorrow, as stated here:


Hi Michels,

Sorry for the inconveniences. Please be aware though that the official forum language is English though.

Thank you so much! ?‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ

Sorry yes. But the event is very hard. A hard week and rewards are very bad. Pro league in an hour has better rewards. 

In our Alliance a lot of players are hope your rewards. And élites is not active.

Yeah friend, implementing chests to everyone is ok! But giving only a very little amount of chests is not good. If you are frustrated without receiving the chests, trust me, you will get more angry on flare, while you receive poor number of chests!?

I didn’t get you friend, pls explain it.


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You need to improve something in this new event, the reward was very small for the dedicated work. Even change something in the gameplay of "Conquest", so players do not get so tired. Many are stopping playing, or even just saying they will not play "Conquest"