8 days in, Level 60, (I may have an addiction problem), Hoping for more Tips :)

Hey again everyone. Thanks of the tips so far and the great guides on here. Some of them are way over my head, but I have been trying to wade through them. Checking in and seeing if I can get any more custom advice for where I’m at now.

What I’ve done so far:

  • Heros are level 10-15
  • Worker is upgrading Hero Temple to Level 8 (all other structures are maxed, except for my library is at level 3 and gold temple is level 8).
  • Maxed out on towers, barricades, path length, and low-level decorations.
  • 5 Odysseys completed
  • Hero items are almost all gold
  • Barricades are levels 10-11
  • Towers are levels 2-11
  • Best hero on AP takes 2:32 to take down gate
  • Splitting my time between more odysseys and raiding to build a Nyx tower.
  • Mainly building up Jason and Perseus currently.

I am including screenshots to help show where I’m at. Happy to answer any questions that the above list or screenshots don’t answer.

My weaknesses I could probably use some help with:

I know I need to improve my defenses. I keep sinking money into them and experimenting. I take screenshots of an opponent’s setup when I get defeated and see if I can duplicate it, but it never seems to work as well for me. Maybe they just spent a lot more resources on theirs? My current setup is not an attempt to duplicate anything, just the best I could come up with in my own experiments.

I really don’t understand the items yet. I read some guides, but everyone uses acronyms and seems to be talking over my head a little. I don’t even know what all the icons mean. So, I have been just focusing on getting gold items for everyone and selecting the items that have the highest numbers, slanted towards health and damage. I have noticed that I am vulnerable to some attacks more than others (like poison), but I’m not clear on the best way to fix that.

I really don’t understand forging. I have been doing it, but I have basically just been trying to level up colors. I know that I am probably making stupid choices, but when I try to read about how to do better, it seems to go over my head again. Can anyone break down what someone at my level should be doing specifically? I’m not stupid, but you can talk to me like I am with this answer, because apparently that’s what it takes, lol.

I am loving the game. I have been playing tower defense games for a while, but this is the first time I have gotten into any game this complex. It is a lot to wrap your head around. I think I am picking it up fairly quickly, but I expect to be around for the long haul and I want to get as good as I can get. :slight_smile:

Lastly, are there any tricks for recruiting members to my alliance? I know I should have just joined an existing one, but I had already created one and invested in it before I figured that out. Now that I have it leveled up and ranked 870 on the board, I am trying to make the best of it. I would invite the players who I run into with good defenses, but that seems like I am trying to steal folks away and I don’t want to step on any toes. I started a Facebook group for my alliance to see if I could recruit any new players from social media. Wondering what else I can do.

Thanks again for being willing to help us new folks!

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Lol… wait until you find out how futile the climb is when people have been playing 3 years and have 30k fame and fully refined gatekeepers :joy:

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Wasn’t really wanting input from the peanut gallery, but thanks.


You are doing great and don’t listen to negative feedback.
Fame points doesn’t make players harder.
Here is one tip for you ,level up slowly this will allow you forge more gear for your Heroes.
Keep unlocking monster isles and conquer them.

The reason why other people defense is strong is because they are playing for a year,two year or three years.
I have beem playing for two years.it takes time to build defense and for heroes you should forge new gears especially for your raiding heroes after every four or five levels.

For gatekeeper try to focus on shield bearer they make great keepers as they get one extra slot and physical resistance from shield(which is very important for gk to last longer)
Ajax, Achilles, Perseus, Athena, Helen can be trun into good gatekeeper.


Only upgrade the Gate of Apollo when you have maxed out all barricades and towers that you use in your current setup, +1 more max tower. I am not talking about max barricades and towers for your current Temple, but the true max.
You can take screenshots of the layout, but you don’t see the orientation of the towers with that. Orientation is crucial in defense build.

Focus on 1 AP hero. Max out the troops and powers that he/she uses. The best way to make steady progress in the game with all the leveling up stuffs is to make sure to have at least 1 hero who can clear the map, preferably an AP-able one. Cadmus is the most popular choice. Ariadne is also very good for that job, but you need to get used to her.

About forging, at your current state I’d suggest to focus on CD (cooldown bonus) and a few resistances for your main hero. For example, if you use Cadmus, he has innate fire resistance, and with the shield a good amount of physical resistance, so you might want to invest on lightning and poison resistances for him. Always use CD rings and cape for Cadmus, at your stage. Max out BIA power/spell, and the main spell of the hero.

In later stage of the game, the build will be different. But at your early stage you should focus on a few resistances first. You can see that Archimides tends to advise building resistances while Dumpster tends to advise building offensive perks. Both are right in their own way. When I was at low level I built heroes with a lot of resistances. As of now I build heroes with as less resistance as possible to reserve spots for offensive perks.

Last but not least, since you are building Perseus and Jason, consider to use Perseus as GK.

I know you don’t want to do it, but really consider joining someone else’s alliance. It might take a couple of tries to find a good one, but when you do it’s an invaluable teaching tool. You’ll also probably get blessings, which will help your defense A LOT. If you want to start your own alliance later you’ll know what to do and what not to do.


Some guides explain the acronyms in the first posts. I know 2 guides that do that. Then you will know more on which perks to use (perks are the “powers” on the items).

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Thanks a million for the replies!

So far, the main thing that has sunk in from this thread is how important upgrading my existing defenses are. I was in a hurry to build more, thinking more is better. I see now more clearly that more weak defenses really don’t mean much. I should have been spending that money on making what I had more powerful. I will start that now. I wish I had realized that before I spent that fortune on my Hero Temple, which is about to catapault me up more levels. I may have to buy some gems to even things out a bit, but at least I have the right idea moving forward now. :slight_smile:

What fooled me is that when I made it to level 50, things were a breeze all of a sudden (winning 95% of battles). However, now that I hit 60, it flipped on me and I am having to use invocations and still losing about 35%-40% of the time. So I saw I needed to make adjustments.

I will say, though, I have only seen one heat sig on my defenses, so that is why my defenses haven’t been a priority. I check them often, but no one is attacking me. I’m sure that will change, though.

When you raise your ascension level , some of your hero stats increase (health, damage, basically the stats that have an integer as the value). The other stats decrease until you find new, higher powered gear (cooldown, Stun, demolition, petrify, resistances - all the stats that have a % as the value). Depending on your hero build, these %based perks could be more important and you could feel significantly weaker with each level up (if you’re not finding and forging new gear constantly).

One way to counteract this somewhat is to level up slowly and deliberately to give yourself time to find and forge the items you need.

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Okay, more questions.

Some of you guys’ posts sound like you are excited to get cursed items. Curses sound bad to me. What am I not understanding?

When I am forging and I select a 1* item to dismantle it seems to give me very similar results (just based on the numbers of the item it says will be created) as if I select a 2*-4* item. It therefore seemed to me that selecting 1* items was better because I can create more higher-level (color) items faster that way.

However, the game has shown the tip a few times that “selecting items with more stars will produce better results.”

What am I missing here?

Is there any advantage to breaking a curse by equipping it as opposed to just shelling out the stars to break it?

I have some purple items that have better stats than my gold items. I presume it is better to pay attention to the stats than the color. Is that correct? Does the color mean anything special?

Cursed items have chance to get rare perks like demolition,frostbite,potency,damage reflection or damage perk etc.
That’s why they are considered best in the game.
Sometimes they also give high value perks too.


Also, even though I haven’t learn what all the perk symbols mean, I see how important they are now. I went through and equipped Perseus with the items with the sheild icons and he hasn’t died since. He can fight an Ajax hero statue by himself now without going below 80% health. That’s what I want him to do for me in front of my gate! :slight_smile:

Using four star items gives more increase to perks stats and base stats as compared to using one star items.

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Yes you save gems by doing tasks.

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So, if I am following, the thing to do would be something like this:

(Dismantles on left)

Green 1* + Green 1* = Green 2*
Green 2* + Green 1* = Green 2*^
Green 2*^ + Green 1* = Green 2*^^
Green 2*^^ + Green 1* = Green 2*^^^

And keep doing that over and over as many times as I can stand it before forging it into a 2* item?

Is this because, even though the increases are minimal each time, down the road this will result in a higher-level item with slightly better stats than forging levels faster (and those slight differences in stats will become more and more important as I reach higher levels)?

Yes, that much I can see. I was meaning is that the only difference?

Yes stats matters more than the colour of a item.

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