8 days long conquest, starting middle of the week? Bye bye life and job!

Dear Flares,
I am curious to know, are the leader/generals of alliances being paid by you to lead these conquests for over 8 days, and starting on Tuesday? I mean we have a life and a real job. Obviously the allies would scatter apart when the leadership is not able to take care of this unreal event. Now you might say: “Oh wait, first take a look at the event, it wont be so much of work.” I mean, who starts a conquest on Tuesday morning? On one hand, I was hoping that somehow sense would prevail and a war would be from Friday to Sunday only. Strangely, your brain works in a complete non-sensical way. I would be forced to leave this game if it becomes way too hectic and affects work/life a bit too much.

tuesday morning for you, for others its jidday/afternoon/evening

you cannot start for all equal as thrre sre different time zones all over the world


others want o spend time with family/friends/hobbies/… on weekends, not a good idea to have wars going on just from friday-sunday!

You miss the point! Its the middle of the weak that bothers, who cares if its morning or evening? Many have night shifts that way for that matter.

/ others want o spend time with family/friends/hobbies/… on weekends, not a good idea to have wars going on just from friday-sunday! /

Then why is anyone playing at all :wink:
You covered almost every possibility of giving a reason to people, not to play games. I appreciate that.

I think family/friends/job/health,etc… should be the priority before a game. 8 days its just too much long. 3 or 4 days should have been more appropriate. Again we will see more during conquest. We will talk more during or after

the point is you cannot make it right anyway, what fits for you is horror for the next one.

so why you complain before first conques mode started?!?

maybe it takes 3 days til ou can fight for he first time -hooray, it is a friday then…

My post was meant for those managing the wars (leaders/generals), and not the soldiers. Its obvious, even before it started, the leaders and generals have to do lots of work in the conquest and have to stay available. They need to assign troops, look at the progress, make watch towers, and so on. Obviously, as a leader of an alliance, I would complain even before it started, since it starts on a freaking working day. I am not sure why you keep missing the point.

A War needs a general on at the exact same time every single day, including Monday & Tuesday.

Conquest just need a general on for the 1st day, after that we haven’t seen anything that is time specific.

Oh guys. Give it a try. There are no specific details about timing and how it will be like. I’am also afraid. But let us wait with such discussion till end of this conquest. PLEASE :slight_smile: FG has a lot on their heads from last friday  ?

If you think the Conquest is too long and you are worried about not having enough time outside the game, then maybe this isn’t really the game for you. No game should ever make you feel like that…ever. Now, I think you really should just give this first Conquest a go and see how much time is really needed to do well in it, then we should judge from there :grinning:  

Par for the course they are used to causing problems and solve those by creating more problems so that they forget the old ones. Job security maybe?

Exactly! If it will require more then I have then hmmm… I will perhaps return to CandyCrush XD

exactly, normal wars are not on mondays and tuesdays as well *lol*

they are 5 days in a row and if you miss one second you might have less chances in war by now

It should be 5 days as the wars. The conquest should start on Friday and end on Tuesday as usual.

I may be wrong but conquest mode should be something like “strategic” play where the generals need to organize the resources and take decisions, I don’t think it’s like war seasons, where you have actively to play for a certain amount of attacks…

…does not matter however, this first conquest period will be a catastrophic mess because in my ally we have no clue how it actually works! ?

The biggest thing with Conquest will be communication.  
“we need some one to THIS hex to build a tower”
“anyone close move and help THIS battle”

I disagree, we need something that sets it a bit apart from the war. While, Friday-Tuesday is much more convenient for those that have jobs, I’d much rather have a different time set than the normal wars, otherwise the Conquest will feel just like a normal war

There are new features as told my Flaregames.

So…you would suggest, with these new features, that we have them in the exact time frame as a normal war? Ha! Flare has created a whole new timetable per month for the Conquest, War, and Ninja

See how it works before you complain. Regular wars are also during weekdays lol

I’m not complaining at all, just explaining things to Aditya