98% vs 99%

Ive noticed over the past few days thay everybody who raids me gets 99% mostly (probably leaving one tower), but when I leave one tower I score ‘only’ 98%. This difference in skulls can be huge at the end. So Im wondering, how come some get 99% and others 98%? It isnt doomgate related, since Ive noticed this on both with and without doomgate.

I believe the last towers health counts for this situation, for ex: you get 98% if you leave 1/2 or over health left and if you take 1/2 or a little more(but not destroying it) you get 99%


No its not. Just tried it on my base with both towers surviving once. With full health of thrle tower the result was 99%.

I would think it has to do with what towers are left. I would hope that the % is based on HP remaining vs HP total. I could be wrong but that’s how I imagine it. If they are weak towers HP wise, two towers might be less % than a high lvl bomb tower or something left at the end.

Everytime raid if a one tower is left with around 40%-100% health I get 98% but if the tower was pretty much finished off but not quite I get 99% but people might get different

I tested it with two maxed FB, so guess this really isnt it.




We will have a look into it when the team will be back, so during next week :grinning:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just a reminder that this question still stands :slight_smile:

the question was already answered by I

Yeah, but you answered it wrong.

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I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just the way they display it. It displays 98% every time I miss a tower in a raid but will still get 1004 skulls on a 1015 skull base, which is a 99% total.

Yes, Weagles is correct.  It’s just displayed differently.  Even if it shows you 98%, your total skulls is probably actually 99% of 1015:


1015 x 98% = 994.7

1015 x 99% = 1004.85


Also, FYI:


1015 x 2% = 20.3

1004.85 x 2% = 20.1

994.7 x 2% = 19.9


Don’t feed Flare and use scrolls to get those towers that surround a castle gate, just pick one side, it won’t change you final skull count.  (given this only applies after you have 3x100% battles)

Sounds good 5! Is this the answer Aether? I will check myself this war, but I would like to get an official comment.

589’s calculation seems good to me, though I didn’t get a confirmation about it yet.

One thing its sure its not the HP of the last tower. How many time I left a Tower below 5% of HP and got 98%. Today people have find out the real factor of the 99%?

finally after test it I got a 99% in one of my raid. You must drop the last Tower at 10% must be very close to be destroy. at 50% you got 98%