☆☆☆ Castle Customization ☆☆☆

Every player has different base designs and strategies, i think incorporating an option to customize the castle gate would be good. As of now we have options to change color of the Kings gear and change environments along with new monster’s which is nice but with customization a player can implement their own ideas into their Castle Gates. Material such as spikes, perhaps even a moat around the castle would be awesome. Do not quote me on this if i’m wrong but as of now i believe there is no Queen character. So Another idea would be to add a Queen to the character list for female players. ( If Any )

I also agree it would be cool if we could also change the colors of our troops. But inner castle customization wouldn’t mean much, since the raids end at the castle gate and no one gets to see your inner castle


I meant the customization of the Castle Gate my bad. It would be neat to see different castle gate designs while attacking.

I agree it wud be nice to be able to be able to customize troops and monsters.

Yeah, i want my troops to wear black outfits.

Like those ideas. Would like to see option for Queens!


my king is single wants to mingle but there is no queen for him lonely king  :slightly_frowning_face: