A Better Alliance Wars System

The current system of spreading the big 5 alliances out among the first three war maps ruins the game.

Those 5 alliances ( already the strongest) will continue to gain fifedoms and get stronger and stronger with the increase in special boosts power.

While all other alliances will be capped at whatever fifedom level that gets them on a map with the big 5.


Six weeks from now the big 5 will have 100 fifedoms and everyone else will still be stuck around 40 with no chance of ever closing the gap.

Already the fifedoms between number 5 and number6 alliances drop from 58 to 41


At least the way it was when maps were determined by fifedom level the big 5 had to fight each other with a chance to lose fifedoms and the others had a chance to gain a few on them before they reached their map and had to take their lumps.


Scrap the whole alliance war set up.

Make it one alliance versus one other alliance, for one day, on one day each week.

That way everyone knows, hey it’s Friday, War day!

They can make plans to be there and participate.

They have time to upgrade and improve between wars.

​This would also eliminate the Super Groups of Alliances

The strongest alliances will still win and they should, they’re the best players, but at least the rest of us would have more chances to see a map without having one or more of the big 5 there.



Even the top alliances are becoming bored with stomping lower alliances who don’t even bother to fight anymore. They lose the opportunity to win gems from their defense and the fun of competition is gone.


While it’s bad now it’s going to get even worse the stronger these alliances get unless Flare does something to balance the competition.

Btw, I know about 5 strongest alliances - which one is the 6th?

I find it very interesting to see how alliance wars “evolve”… the match making in particular. 


Last season we were matched with several alliances that had 15 fiefs more, while other alliances in between us and them were not part of the league, and some with even less fiefdoms than us were part in the league… obviously, no fiefdom-based pairing at the top X war leagues. Not based on member count either, because we had about 5 open spots throughout the season and through the season break as well… also, we aren’t currently among the top5 or 6 alliances on leaderboard… but still, no information on alliance match making by flare… 


Also, looking at that season’s results shows what a mess wars are… the alliances ranked on 4,5,6 had all 0 fiefdoms in the end, with 870k, 775k, 50k skulls. The alliance ranked 3rd had 15k skulls (and didn’t fight in a single war) but 2 fiefdoms - don’t tell me that’s fair in terms of effort/engagement and reward… 



Now, this season again we are paired with some of the same alliances that now have 24 fiefdoms more than we have, while we’re not at full members or top ranks either, while alliances above us and below them in all 3 of those are not in the same league / war map. 

Please tell us, Flaregames, what match making criteria do you even have for Alliance Wars? 



(Btw, I got that stuff on screenshots so it’s definitely facts not just personal perception or imagination of mine. If anyone wants to see them I can post them.)



Flare will not even look at your list of suggestions to tell you the truth. The only reply they will ever give you is “we’ll look into it”, “that was not as intended”, “we are working on it”, “it will be fixed soon” and other types of reply that are in reality just that. they reply to you so that you will stop bothering them but will not do anything. They never listen to a small group of people complaining. only if majority of the (paying) players complain, then they listen.