A big thank you to flare

id like to say thank you to all of flare for making this game the way it is and was and how you will make it even better… and a special thank you to our new community manager Jack created a game called word association(http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5581-lets-play-word-association/page-4#entry33109) and even a contest(which ended(

)) and hes even actually a player of royal revolt(ign: flarejack(sorry for exploiting your ign jack…but i honestly dont care))


Edit: A gigantic welcome to the new Community manager(dont worry jack wasnt replaced, oh wait…we would worry even if he were) Aether whom got his dream job of making his passion as his job… and as jack he is a rr2 player as well so let us pro’s(excluding me, me no pro) show him the ropes(his ign:Aether)


Even a thank you to our devs jan and pete for informing us of their plans and what they are doing to fix some issues of the game(im one of them)  and also a welcome back to the forums!( but it would be really akward if they didnt read this…)


and the moderators of the forums such as fii nami, heroes florian and Blade Storm(a.k.a Jason wivart(check out his youtube channel :grinning:


Also a big thank you to us the players and members of the royal revolt community because we are members of flaregames gmbh as well… our job is to report whats wrong with the game give ideas and planing out what would be good\best for the game(and another thank you to flare for listening to us)


So thank you to flare and everyone here.


Cheers from the youngest one here,


Silver( a.k.a xXAtlas1000Xx)


Is that the beginning of a new love?  ^_^

I always loved you guys from the start #<3

Its the beginning of a new flare games it seems and it looks really good the latest bonus prizes for just fighting the wars are pretty nice! Sure you wont get the highest prizes but additional rewards just for trying to a awesome addition to the game.


Here is what I got out of my 1st 4 boxes 

Aprox 45 gems

3 pearls

1 legendary hero item

about 200k gold


Watch the opening here to see the exact amounts of things. 

Wow really nice post indeed!


I think Jack already expressed what I feel with his smiley…

Anyway, this kind of topic really reminds me why this job is so important and what I want to do.

Thanks to the community and persons dedicated to the game like you, we are able to progress!


So a big thanks to you as well :slight_smile:

your welcome :slight_smile:

hi guys

         still young in the game lvl 64 if I remember correctly so really enjoying the whole rr2 entirety and the chests are premo


because of the surprise factor regardless of the item value. picked up mighty master crown 1850 and 224 leadership along with a mixture of everything else. looking


forward to 30 000. Can’t remember weather it was 15000 or 20000 I got the crown was bangin  away to the wire and lost by 40+ skulls but I appreciate the bonus’s


along the way. thanks people. solid

Wrong topic bubba…

kind off topic but it goes with my last post. Where the magic chest rewards nerfed from the 1st version of them? 

Off topic Jason! Srsly this is what I get for such a lovely post I worked very hard on :’(

*Hero appears and sees offtopic*

*wonders whether to close or not to close and trust in willingness of forum users to return to original topic by themselves*

*leaves a gentle reminder that one can open a new topic for discussing something else*

Sur just lock my hard worked post and barely anyone replies and I just hear crickets chirping…thats what I get instead of off topic posts and/or a bravo or something…is this really what I deserve :’(

That is my job… troll atlas now  :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Wait…troll!!! That’s a job now? And might I say I think the new update already came out(the joke is that you’re titled pyromancer Jason and you are pretty elite do your pretty much a dragon!)…no don’t get it? Sigh now you guys are gonna say that its so bad that I wanna either lock this topic or delete my post but because you don’t have the power to do so you are going to raid me…i guess theres no stopping it, ign: xXAtlas1000Xx ;D

I’m gonna raid your with my dragon breath!!! RAWWWWWW

Make a video of it while your at it, I need to see if I can make any improvements to my base…were you serious about attacking me?

yes to Bladestorm’s magic chests.


was trying to say thanks aswell , I guess I thixed mings up , :huh:

No problem bubba ^_^