A billion and one ideas that Flare could have done instead of 1 more dumb tower level

Complete with cheesy names in the style of Flare!


  1. Ghost towers: hidden towers (1-2 per base) that do damage but show nothing otherwise. They show up gradually after they lose significant health or the raid fails by king death.

  2. Tower shift: Towers that shift spaces when you do a certain amount of damage. Must have an open space near the tower to allow it to move.

  3. Barricade bundle: concentrate the strength of 2 or more barricades into one for an excessively tough single choke point.

  4. Tower power: For a very limited amount of raids, enhance a tower to 2-3X strength to make surprise difficulties at key points along the path. Could be very tricky during war. 

  5. Trap snap: Adjacent traps lift up and snare the invading army in a single section until they are destroyed. It’s like a barricade and trap in one, but not able to be spotted until you’re trapped.

  6. Gate fate: A false gate crumbles quickly and is replaced by a special uber wave/boss that must be completely destroyed for the castle to be sieged. Lone kings beware…

And so on and so forth.


And yeah, some of these ideas are dumb. But the idea is SURPRISE. Clever defensive upgrades will add unique combinations to defense that no one can see coming. And it’s not just stupid levels. Players will have to be selective with these new features. Every player gains access–no tying it to wars or ninja events or anything. Move us as far away from predictable as possible, Flare. Stop this tower level nonsense. Give us the game we want to play.

Don’t make defense harder; instead, make it trickier. Those of us who have perked our offense to max should enjoy the benefits of our power, but we should still be able stopped by clever base designers.

I like the idea of having longer path maybe 1 extra tower/trap space. It would be a challenge to find the next great path vs finding gold for another level…

I post this before…  I would like longer paths and more towers/traps… its kind of boring seeing almost all players using “L” bases. This could kill 2 birds with one shot… boots our defenses and “make this game great again”. Im not talking 1 or 2 path or 1 or 2 towers… im talking about longer paths like the longests dungeons or islands…

Obviously, adding more tiles (above the current limit) should come with more time to raid the base (in order not to unbalance the game). This way players could get a shot of beating longer paths.

The main objective in defense will be to manage the time. If you have a longer path you will give more time to the attacker to beat your base.

Trophies and medals wont be affected by this and exp could be calculated by a rule of three or cross multiplication.

This will add a lot of fun on the game. Will make players to have different types of paths and use some towers ppl dont use anymore.

Not many of us really want to fight 4 minute long raids. To do 30 raids in war requires like 2 hours then to complete with all the other game mechanics involved.

Maybe Flare can ‘speed up’ the attack rate all around. I don’t know.

In the end, though, a longer path likely means only longer L bases or Z bases. That’s not adding variety of gameplay, and no new surprises most certainly.

Flare can always shorten war to 5 battles vs 10 battles.

You’re right, and they should have done that long time ago.


Yeah! 5 raids wars are more fun imho.


You’re right, and they should have done that long time ago.


What happened to undying NORTH adju? Heard they are dying . Please save them. I still want to kill them slowly


I’m really bored with the war grinds… You basicly got 10 shots at doing 3 100% raids and the rest is pure grind :confused: 5 per war permanent would be so great and make more sense

Seriously if you cannot do 10 war raids a day especially when the outcome will affect the other 59 members, then I think you should consider quitting.

If you play and want it all easy then this game is not for you.In fact, theres no mobile game of this genre fits you.

Maybe you can play PC game, with single player mode instead or try RR1 again.There, you play when you want.

Agreed about the grinding part. Each raid should be meaningful; just getting ‘skull points’ incrementally isn’t all that helpful.


War should be more strategic and clever, too. But it’s not; it’s still just a grindfest.

We got eaten by a bunch of lions at the apocalypse. What do you want us to do? I mean, these lion bellies are really comfy, so I’ll just sit here for now.

Kick off your slippers and sip on some ice tea! I’m thirsty!

Again lovely ideas Adju :slight_smile: :wub:

Nobody said it cant be done. It is just better for players no so adicted to this game (unlike me). Flare has to think in all players as a group, players outside top 20 of alliance rank (and some in top alliances) will love less raids per battle. With 1 or 2 battles there is no problem but having battles in 4 fronts. Each 10 raid battle means at least 30 mins.

Obviusly, this will mean that SP bonus distortion will decrease (but still exist) and players hability to hit 100% against top “enemy” players will be one of the most important factors (the other one being COF…but Flare wont correct that).

Wars are neither grindfest or slugfest. They are just luckfest.

In G&M you play when you want, we only expect players to do top 3 war battles and then they’re free, In fact, I never do 10/10 war raids :slight_smile:  

lol and we see how well that clan is doing…no one there wants to win just play a little…if one doesnt have time or will to fight they should play candy crush


aju you r amazing…thats why we love you…always make me smile


There are new features planned, but adding one more level is something which doesn’t require any extra development time, therefore postponing the other incoming features.