Hi developers & Players;

As all of you know, there is a part in alliance recruitments which is <looking for alliance members>

I was thinking as why not to add a part ‘alliance list’

Leaders will make a page of their alliance(details etc)!

In the alliance list, when you click on the alliance name,you will get the alliance page(like a blog)which will contain all the details of the alliance…the members of this alliance can update it regularly…

Alliance list can be classified

Players can type their current profile(=alliance requirements) in the search bar and they will get the alliance options which match their requirements(profile)

 the alliance blog would be very helpful…thanks :slight_smile:

I agree that it would be very helpful to be able to have an alliance forum or blog.  Where topics such as Conquest Strategies could be posted and updated. 

Hi there,

To make sure I understand this right :slight_smile:

So like an extra overview in the game that each alliance has, where they can add text? But the text should only be edible by the leader?

I wouldn’t limit it to just the leader, but maybe the leader can give permissions to select players or generals.  I would like something that could have multiple sections to it. 

yes something like that…leaders can also choose which one can edit it regularly by typing in admin box @this @that :slight_smile: