A Bud life - English speaking alliance

A bud life is recruiting all players!!!


Alliance level 18

Gold Boost 21%

Bonus 8%

Alliance Rank 620

We are a 7 week old alliance with a focus on alliance wars. We are currently prioritising levelling the alliance so we have unlocked all the boosts, Our roster is 21/23 and is currently fully active, most players are around the 1.4K  - 2.2k Trophy mark. We discuss strategy and test each others defences. This alliance is for players that want to win every war and are consistently growing, general spots are up for grabs, we have 4 people donating heavily.





We save our boosts for alliance wars as we also need the money for levelling.

This stops players from racing above there standards as this gives our competitors more points for destroying your base.

As we have won all but 1 alliance war we usually have the boosts for winning to help during the week which helps to save your money.


Barricades and Paladins are the boosts we use at the moment.


How we work

We always keep 1 space free in the alliance. So if someone new joins and you are contributing the least to the standards set below you may be kicked 


We expect

Level 7 alliance tower 

Donate every day 

1500 Trophies

Attack or defend in all alliance wars at least 3 times, even if you have 3 scores you can still keep attacking and get a small bonus. 


If you don’t achieve these standards you wont be insta kicked, but you are at a risk if we feel you are never going to get to these standards.We review the activity of players after each war.


General promotions


The easiest way to become a General is to donate, if you donate we see it as you owning part of the alliance and so you deserve to be able to have a say in how we run things. You can also consistently fight in every war and get near the top on the entire weekends leaderboards. If you feel you deserve a promotion message Jhussey or Bicard. We review our Generals every Sunday or Monday.

We have 3 spenders at the moment, we dont need more but it would be helpful, we try to keep boosts up as often as possible but leveling the alliance is more important at the moment. 


We currently have 4 days left of boosts from winning the alliance war.



Growing nicely, just won our second alliance war in a row against 4 decent competitors, trying to level daily, but we need more 25k+ donaters. We keep our roster competitive and will kick those not pulling their weight.

Smashing alliance wars once again. We have 12 people fighting every war, minimum. Still looking to bolster our roster, all inactive’s get kicked and we have an active chat where we discuss strategy. General spots available.

Members can find useful information on how to meet the standards set by our leader through these kind people on youtube.




We came 2nd for the first time this week, we had 50K more skulls but the french won the penultimate war which meant they had more fiefdoms. 


even though we lost this was an extremely fun battle as we were huge underdogs and it went down to the last minute. If we had a couple more players that are active on the weekend we would have won a difficult war with ease.


Really proud of our guys for giving them such a good run when were outranked in trophies.

Fantastic bounce back this weekend, we have still only lost one battle throughout every war we have been apart of.


Join us if you enjoy and want to be apart of a winning alliance in wars.


We are growing very fast and General spots are up for grabs, we could do with more max alliance tower players. As said in the main content of the post, if you are donating heavily you will have a say in how things are done.

We are preparing for our next war once again Join now to be apart of a very competitive team.