A change in the pointer design for PC users

Sometimes during the normal game play, the screen becomes indistinguishable to the colour of the pointer and it becomes difficult to identify the pointer when attacking so many units . So if the pointer becomes distinguishable at any situations it would be much useful for PC users.

We have ask so many times about a custom pointer but forget it. Its too much complex for developer. that why in suggestion list i have made it in purple. This will never happen

Happens to me all the time ?

Maybe they could add that function to the right-click,
like, while it’s pressed, it makes the mouse button pop x5 bigger on screen and start blinking on different colors.

Idk,  something really noticeable to make it easier and very quick to identify the mouse button again when we lose it

Yeah, it is a bit annoying, but I really only had trouble with it at the beginning of my career. For me right now, knowing where my marker is is kind of a sixth sense for me, I know where it is without even looking at it. Of course, there are still a few times when I’ll be looking for it (mainly in ninja fights when I don’t want to waste gems) and I can’t find it for a few seconds. A change in the color would be most welcome

That is a good request. I agree.