A chicken will be in the next update



If you look at the alliace war picture flare added on the FB page today, there’s an alliance emblem with a chicken on it.

Might be a new emblem, or a power up

Oh my; that War layout looks amazing~ *O*

Chickens Alliance are recruiting :wink:

We want grouse in our alliance lol 

Everyone’s gonna change there emblems to chicken

It could probably be a power up which increases food production

what? .

If they insert a new emblem probably there are other 3-4 new emblems i don’t think they lose time only for 1 emblem, and then if they will insert new emblems there will be also new colors and/or background patterns?

It could be fun if they would put a different form of the normal shield we have as emblem of the alliance. Maybe add a circle emblem or some other type of creative forms could be also fun ! However the image of the chicken, as i can see, is too much complicated,  it should be more stylized (a simple form).

It’s always the smallest things that seem to spark the most interest… Glad to hear you guys are enjoying the chicken though. :grinning:




That’s most likely the case because there was no other real new information in the sneak peek… :wink:


Yah we’ve been forum members since the start don’t you think you should pm us a little more info :grinning:

Like working, chemist giulds, amazing idea mistere


Why are you saying yay ginka, you’re gonna be eaten when the update comes and we figure out what the chicken is then well have a feast out of you :stuck_out_tongue: