A companion to the lonely king

Hi RR2,


I was looking at Jona’s Icon in the chats and suddenly got an excellent idea for a future improvement:


Why not add a companion to the king. A best friend that will help him around to fight the defending troops - A DOG !!!


  1. The king would have to build a dog’s house in the castle and upgrade it. Flaregames will get it’s cash from that too.

  2. The dog can be upgradable. Meaning - bigger and stronger breed.

  3. The dog can only attack troops and monsters, not buildings.

  4. The dog is an autonomous troop, that follows/protects the king all the time and helps him as he goes forward.

  5. The king can protect the dog by shield or cure him, as any other troop.

  6. As the king, the dog must regenerate it’s health just a little bit, otherwise, he will die very quickly.


If you like my idea, then as a reward, I would ask to receive a symbolic prize from flaregames to all my members in the Marsupia alliance. Maybe gems…


Always on the watch,



Sounds like a neat idea, seems strange but maybe companion animals will make its way into Royal Revolt 3 as it might take a decent bit of coding and testing to add it now seeing as a playable Queen character would be hard enough to add in this version. 

I was thinking more like a dragon. Or maybe you can upgrade the species if the pet over time.

His idea is great! Maybe they can add 2


Dog is great but I prefer a flying pet - a bird perhaps. Not insects. And, monster units must include a Dragon!

Have decided to revive and to bump up this idea again.


Hope someone in flares reads these suggestions…


Marsupia alliance is history now and has since long changed it’s name and owner, so Genie & Master alliance.

After 9 months your king is still lonely… ?

Yes, as lonely as ever… He needs a dog. Best Men’s friend.

Want to see it bite to death those green boosted ogres and also the purple wolves. Running after those frosters as they were postmen and scaring off knights.


Maybe even better, a bunch of bull-terriers.

Bull terriers ? For the amount of gems you spend, flare s gonna give you a maltese dog, with a pink ribbon


Well, actually by the amount of gems I have bought from flares, I will be lucky to get the ribbon itself… As charity…

Oooh I would spend gems for this. And they could have uber pets and uber gear for the pets also and maybe some passive skills that you could buy and upgrade for gems :wink:

Preferably the upgrade system of the skills would be like the blacksmith so we could have super fun spending tons of gems trying to get something half decent!

Other games have it too: companions… First they are just there, then they start to help, then they influence your main char, then you can start upgrading them, then you can use them as enchantments… At some point the screen gets frustratingly full with all the options… and you add a mount! Then you give your mount some ability to help you, then they start to influence your main char, then … finaly they get slots for enchantments… PLEASE NOT!