A constructive idea: Alliance Gold %

Hello Flare, as you want ideas, I have one !!!
There are 2 types of gold, as everyone knows:

  • gold for oneself
  • gold for the alliance
    Why not, during a raid, gain a share of gold alliance … like 10%.
    So on a raid where you earn 200000 in all, 20000 is directly paid to the alliance, and 180000 for oneself
    This would allow each alliance to have a little more cash, and above all would allow very active players to have the satisfaction of making, in addition to the daily donation, raise the budget of the alliance.
    This is a simple idea that would allow everyone to raise the cash without using GEMS!

I like the idea but I think 10% is way too much. 1% would fit better.

The principle is that a percentage of what you earn is paid into the cash of the alliance … 1, 5 or 10%, it’s just the idea of making gold for money. alliance in a supplementary way, because it is very difficult to increase this gold.

The idea isn’t bad, actually it’s a good suggestion.

Then at least it’s worth to do extra raidings, to help alliance to get extra gold. It would definitely help to prolong boosts or invest them in alliance upgrades or upgrading conquest buildings. 

Very nice idea, flare should look into it

Superb idea indeed. But u think greedy flare will let go their earning source? 

900 gems for 8M donation that around 5$ in my region 

Inb4 many players who support this will also be the one who complain about this idea resulting in mid alliances having all boosts including Conquest boosts on 24/7 too, making defenses harder even at mid levels.


Oh and I do support this idea. Nice one.

Less income for fg. Suggestion rejected

If Flare but 1%, it’s not the end of the world either. And it allows to find for the active players a new motivation!

More fights will be made then which means players will buy more food and/or watch ads (for those, who can gg).

Maybe we could think a little bit further. How about giving you the option, to donate 10% of your win to your alliance by watching a video after the raid? I can remember they offered to double the win by watching a video (btw, what happened to this function?).

It has been suggested before.

It has been rejected/ignored before.

I do think it’s a good idea tho, especially after last update released to drain our alliance gold.

This can be an option, with why not the choice (2 buttons):

  • have everything for yourself (as now)
  • or make a sharing alliance / player
    For commercials, I do not know, there were so many problems with …

After that, it must be simple enough, because otherwise Flaregames could take 6 months to create this, provided he accepts it.

I know this topic has already been mentioned, but with the construction of the fortress and the multiplication of bonuses, it would be good to have another source of gold for the alliance.

Great idea. Maybe 3% of gold and you can donate by watching a video, so this can look reasonable to FG.

UP for Madlen

Great idea. Its something RR2 need right now to kill the boringness of raid. If a idea can be added like this. Of Course I will raid like before each hour or each 3 hours like I did 2 years ago. No I play maybe the morning and forget it the rest of the day. The raid are boring. A long time we have suggest stuffs to make it more interesting

Have this as an additional benefit for the Stronghold Headquarters.   1% per level of Headquarters.  A sliding scale that can go from 0 to max %

Is a good idea, eventually could increase the siege activity (with the advantages for all parties), because it will assist in the new alliance buildings and help to keep the boosts.

Oh look Another suggestion completely ignored!!! let’s just nerf something else instead… lalalalalalala

Thats the reason it wont happen :wink:

I also personally think 10% would be too much. It should be 1% only. Or start at high % and decrease with growth of alliance lvl so the 80lvl alliances would gain ***** and low-mid could grow. 

Donations are already p2w with subscription and flare is creating more and more content relying on gold donation while alliances struggle to keep basic boosts.

And when they set donation limit to server day instead to certain hour??? is it so hard???

Flare will get some players who play daily bcoz of this. People who think it is impossible to create a good alliance now, will get some confidence.