A cool Lategame Idea^^



my idea is making the level go endels or 999 max (gold cost for skip capping 10k and food cost 500-1000)


on some levels u gain the right to buy extra boost for towers etc (like lvl 130 ur able to buy gold stash lvl1 boost lvl 135…)(throne room can be boosted to giving hero/king bonus hp mayority dmg resistances etc)(new items may not appear by granny but he may sell boosts that u normally cant buy for a much higher amount of gold or a punch of gems or pearls u should can decide with what u want to pay)


like troop defence u cant buff single waves but u can buff the tent giving 5+%dmg to deffending units 5% more hp so u gould have tent +10 late game :grinning:



u should can buff all buildings so that arcane tower gives like 50-xx% ectra dmg/duration on skills etc or silo u can go uo to 5k-10k food at max boost)


this keeping endgame players that may have maxed  all playing the game more if i would be max lvl i would just do war and then wait till next war…


and for hero stats crown stat if it goes over a certain point 1 click etc spawns 2 units so on caus it would just fill so rapid :wink:


I dont like this idea

Your just saying to make the game even worse by making the game OP

Godmode king?