A counter against everything?

Ok, we all know about the paths that lead right beside the gate, that ensure only an ~75% victory if you use ranged units. But I think I’ve also found a way to counter Melee units in the beginning with the Firebolt-in-the-corner + Snake Tower guard strategy. Can anyone look at my base and tell me if it looks effective?

that is easy to dealt with honestly , raider would have all spell ready and heal+sonic blast both tower easily

not much a solution LOL 

Using cannons, elite boosted or not, and the shield spell, the king could easily sit back and let his cannons do the work.


Solution to that would be in the waves.

maybe this be a bit more effective for you


and you could prob use another FB tower in the bottom right square

amazing sketch Kenny, I guess… :grinning:

Oh heck no 0: The spell would easily connect from the FB to the Blockade. I have them separated right now so that the spells wear off immediately upon touching the 2nd FB.

And I do have an FB in the bottom right corner, you just can’t see it in the picture.

I am trying to have devastating waves~ >=D My first wave has 26 morale right now.

One sonic blast destroys each snake/firebolt. So that’s not the best design.


I liked your earlier posts. These latter ones show that you need more game experience. You need to experience high-level gameplay (lvl 80+, in a high-level alliance) to understand the full mechanics of the game. Keep building up your king, base, and alliance, and you’ll have greater insight for a design like this.

@ sentinel the whole purpose of my design is to make sure you walk into the snake towers… everything you put at the beginning of a base is easily destroyed because the king has all spells ready and starts with a bunch of morale

the thing is with only snake and firebolt , you don’t do enough damage to raiding troops.Snake barely harm units except paladin (arbs out-range them) and firebolt target only one unit at a time.Even if you’re looking to kill the hero it won’t be effective at all.My level 64 king would clear these kind of tower placement w/o trouble.


If you think first blockade would require spell then know that a good raider either use bladestorm and save sonic blast for tower or don’t use spell at all and spawn two cannon instead to destroy first blockade (this for mid level  and low level raid , don’t think it works in higher level raid) this way , your first two tower gone and raide will have time to wait his spell cooldown for next tower.


Since it is a ‘gate killer’ base , so taking cannon would not be a good idea but still the king can easily destroy that tower combo be it max level or not.So combining the tower combo and the base design , raider will have headache to choose troops but taking froster arbs and maybe pyro would do the job I’m sure.I have seen a successful raid with this troop combo by killemOG on high level base , so possible to repeat this on lower level

@Ken: Oh, you meant putting the blockade /past/ the snake towers. I thought you meant putting it in front o.O Which would allow the king to hit it with a Sonic Blast from behind.

So far this base design has actually been steadily winning me trophies. Whereas the N design had people favoriting me and farming me. So this strategy actually works best for me because it allows me to put my best towers to best use in stalling, and puts my horrible Bomber towers in hard-to-reach places. But I can tell that I’m definitely at a higher trophy level than what I should be at this point xD

Looking at your screenshot, one more idea might be placing a firebolt tower at the spot where currently a bomb tower is in the center of the picture. That firebolt tower could then fire onto the path tile where your trap is, without being in range for anything except cannons (and also sonic blast can’t reach it).

You could also put the snake tower next to the firebolt tower there, much like in your current layout, and in turn put trap closer to the beginning or replace it with a barricade/blockade. 


Using snake towers to protect other towers can be a good idea, but any decent raider will just use 1 sonic blast to kill both towers. By the way, currently I use 0 poison shield on my hero and still can survive entering a max lvl snake tower long enough to cast a sonic blast there, even without heal ready, so raiders with heal or shield spell ready (which is the case at beginning of raid) or with poison shield gear will make short work of such a tower combination unless on very low health and under heavy fire from your wave troops (which is hard to achieve right at the beginning of a raid). 

Also such a “protective snake tower” can mostly just be walked past by your king without even getting damaged. Then, while your troops kill the tower, your king can advance further into the base, which is very important for a gate-killer base if you try to use regular troop combinations to beat it.


Placing your snake towers in a way such that the attacker can NOT get past without getting poisoned will most likely make the king stand back and wait for troops, losing time, or take heavy damage, potentially dying right there. 

Ah, good ideas! Thank you! :wink:

No problem :slight_smile: