a couple of my responses to flaire auto responder when I asked for tech help

first their auto response / form letter:

My first response:

my 2nd response

I know replying to a autoresponder is an exercise in stupidity but I had to vent.

Over 7 hours on the phone. Including a dead phone battery

And I never want to hear an insincere *sorry* again

7 freaking hours

I don’t know what “Customer Care”  you emailed if they directed you to support. You should have messaged support if you needed any help I guess.

Though, on the other note, if I got an email with you talking in such way, I would ignore it myself :slight_smile:

phone, not email

over 7 hours.

and they strung me along for over 7 hours, no idea how many people I gave the same info to or how many computer menus I had to navigate.

But it’s heartening tp know that you think of yourself before the customer.

I never saw that “Customer Care” thingy, not sure how or where you found that but you should go with the link to support they gave you.  Explain your issue, send a ticket and  wait for a reply. It can take  a few days but you should get a reply from the real person :slight_smile:

autoresponders are incapable of ignoring. They’re machines that email out but don’t receive and pass along to the appropriate email.

They’re a one direction device.

Use the link you got in that mail to support team. If you message them you will get a reply from actual person.

Yeah lets make it 14 hours.

Let me stop at radio shack first and pick up a extra phone battery.


Get a clue. They have no intention of helping. Thus the endless transfers and computer menus.

All asking the same questions but never passing the information along to the next person.

They keep you going until you give up.

All very politely of course.

Just send a ticket  and wait for a reply, it has nothing to do with a phone battery :wink:

Also, note that you won’t get a reply during weekends

I talked to many people. They all asked the same questions. Said *sorry* a lot. Never offered any help.

Just passed me along to the next person or department where I got to endlessly play with their computer menus.

Well I spoke to many people.



I believe I’m conversing with one now.

But you don’t say *sorry* or apologize enough.

I made it to support and beyond.

The email was them covering their bases.

Legal probably advised them to do so.

7 hours has a lot to do with a charged phone battery

Ok, stop quoting me. I tried to help you but looks like no one can help you with your issues.


Victim blaming!

And the quotes are to show which post I’m responding to

Why are you a Flair apologists?

Dear uberBiff,

Thank you for contacting our Forum.

Your user satisfaction is very important to us. To ensure that we can process your inquiry as quickly and professionally as possible, we urge you not to quote too much and keep your questions short and precise.

Thank you for understanding,


The MK User Care Team

Magi, I’m just responding to someone who is responding to me.

Hello UberBiff! Do you have a ticket number for your support request(s)? What’s your IGN? 

Flaretara, several