A crazy idea for a new minigame xD (Not to be taken seriously)

This is more about a crazy dream I had than an actual suggestion.

Last night I had a dream that Flare wanted to pit players against each other Offense vs. Offense, King vs. King. And so, to do so, they combined Royal Revolt, Infinity Blade (iOS users know what this is), and Risk, into the ultimate King vs. King minigame.

First of all, the King vs. King, Infinity Blade style. Basically what this did was that it pit the two kings in an arena, where Damage was the damage dealt per attack (duh), Health was the amount of health you had (duh), but Leadership was converted into how fast your king attacked (making Ike’s strikes harder to dodge/parry). Players were able to set their defending combos any way they liked.

Now, the Risk part of the game was what made it really interesting. As in Risk, the goal of the minigame was to gain territory, and you could only attack lands adjacent to your own. But the really interesting thing, was the Units 0: rather than being determined by rolls of the dice, wins/losses were determined by the King battles. And thus, rather than units giving you more chances to roll the dice, they actually multiplied your king’s HP in battle. Then, based on how much HP you lost, that’s how many units you’ve lost. So for example, let’s say you and I bith have 6k health, individually. if you left 1 “unit” (of health) on a territory, and I attacked you with 3 “units” (of health), then your king would have 6k HP in the battle, and mine would have 18k HP in battle. For every 6k each of us take, we end up losing a unit. So once you lose 6k, you lose your only unit. If I lose 6k, I lose 1; if I lose 12k, I lose 2; and if I lose 18k, then I lose all my attacking units. “Units,” of course, are gained each turn by owning territory, by owning continents, or by trading in cards earned each turn for gaining territory.

Summarized pros and cons of Royal Risk:

  1. New; different.

  2. Relies on individual strength

  3. Requires strategy

  4. Doesn’t require food

-1) If it’s designed to be possible never to take a hit, those who’ve played Infinity Blade will win no matter what =P Perhaps, rather than parries and dodges being 100% effective, they instead just reduce your damage taken by 50%, but also give you the chance to stun (in other words, no parry? no stun. Just like in Infinity Blade).

-2) Depending on how quickly all players take their turns (there would have to be some sort of 1 day time limit, or 1 hour on weekends), the game could take an entire month to complete.

-3) There can only be one winner.

-4) No gold/medals/trophies given out; winning each battle is purely for the sake of winning Royal Risk.

One thing I do want to say, though, is that this game got boring really fast in my dream. After playing it 3 times, I was pretty much done. So if you do decide to create this, I would recommend alternating it with Alliance Wars. Alliance Wars one month, Royal Risk the next.