A dragon button?

i believe the dragon update is a nice idea but I dont like the concept of a dragon on the loose coming in sometimes at the time i may not want them to so i think that flare should put in a dragon button somewhere in the screen a button that summons a dragon(but must have dragon summoned first) so you can control when the dragon shows up when you want/need it to. Is it a good idea?

To be honest, I’m currently to disappointed about the dragon boost (offense as well as defense) that I don’t even want to bother talking about them, they’re not worth it… nonetheless, yeah a little more control over the dragon might be a good idea (if the dracomancer boost wasn’t useless anyway)… 

Yay people likes my idea for once!

Haha congrats atlas :slight_smile:

Thanks! :wink:

Yeh, I agree with this. I like it!

I don’t know if a dragon botton could be cool. From my point of view if the mechanism works as you mean, you could summon the dragon whenever you want (of course respecting that dracomancer fill all the dragon power bar) when you are in difficult cases, making easier hard situations and never lose during raids( even if the dragon is more crap than the dracomancer one). I mean that adding this “dragon button” you make easier the raid, instead what it should be is a real fight according to your skills mainly and not only on click on a button 

Currently my raids i do against other are mainly with dracomancers and elite arblaster and i’m able also to win sometimes against strong players for me, so a dragon button could only make even more easy those raids.

Well there must be a way to make the dragons tame and useful/useable

Let’s be clear, I want Dragons in the game, but not this way, and not Flare’s way. 

Why can’t we just have a dragon unit?

The reason they aren’t giving us a unit is it couldn’t be that much more powerful than a Wearwolf, but the Wearwolf is all wrong it should be low morale and weaker so it could be a wolfpack unit and you could have several wolves in your wolf pack! 

So what way do you want it exactly?

“Yayyyy, a wolf pack! Now I get twice the strength, for half the morale! =D”



*No howl*

*Everything suddenly half strength*

I love your ideas, Mae. But only because I don’t use wolves :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: