Hello i have an idea  that can help a Lot in the game 

The Power of the dragon must be given to the king 

Make a dragon with the Power of destruction of the sonic spell explosion 

The king isso the main character then nothing fairer 

Thanks for listening


nice idea but sonic blast has already been assigned to Kaiser beast.

Okay, i understand but the Kaiser beast not have the range that a dragon has 

The Kaiser combines more with the toxic cloud than anything else 

A change could be  made in this regard 

Let’s reason we have Eldrak more the fire dragon 

We have Fritz more the Ice dragon 

So we have Kaiser more Sonic dragon 



This idea sounds like a mix of Kaiser and Eldrak lol

tho i disagree with the idea,it does reminds of an idea which i had nd @oPelle had made video about it called “witch update”.originally my idea was “fusion”.just like blacksmith building there has to be another building inside the castle gate wer u can fuse 2 spells nd 2 units.the 3rd fusion slot can b bought by gems.and the player have a max of 3 fusion units,spells nd may b towers.

For instance,if i want to fuse knights nd paladins.the fusion process should consume pearls lyk 2-3k pearls.the new units should have 50% characteristics of both knights nd paladins.50% normal dmg from knights nd 50% blunt dmg from paladins.lets say i have knights with 5k hp nd 500dmg nd paladins with 8k hp nd 400dmg the new units formed should have 6.5k hp nd 450dmg.bt off course 50% resistance nd 100% weakness of poision should cancel out to make 25% weakness.

the same logic applies to spells nd towers.now i knw we also have forging.bt the new unit it formed shouldn’t have any forged characteristics.instead it should have its own forge option with different perks.also a big cool down to fusion which stops players from spamming fusion.its just an idea bt this gives players entirely new dimension towards the game wer they can fuse their own units,spells nd may b towers.