A famous invention super tutorial how to gain gold during events where gold seems impossible!

Oh hi! I didn’t see you there!

According to the words on the street it’s really hard to get gold during these building events. If you are struggling to find gold boy do I got some juicy secret for you!

Filling your gold chamber in a few seconds impossible you say?  No sir! 

Click on the area that shows how much gold you have in your castle view and just spend some gems to max your treasury! 

It’s fantastic and works instantly! And what’s even better than this?! You can spend gems to complete your buildings and then just buy some more gold again! This is no joke and really works!

Happy weekend super friends,  hope you enjoy my tips!




Macamus joined FG. Maybe things will change.  :lol:


Hehe, Macamus adores gems… :slight_smile:

Actually, there is the simplest way to overcome times like this with decent loot. Change your gear to +Gold boost gear. Every item except the weapons and shield. Together with your alliance +gold boost you can get very close to +150% gold. Even for a 100K gold base, you can get 250K.

The downside is that your leadership, speed and scream are very low. You need to be very picky with the bases you attack.

After only few attacks even if I attack +1000 trophies player they all offer to me around 50-110k. It is useless to play with amount of loot game is offering today.


There’s also one more trick that some players in top alli do to farm gold quickly withoit using gems, but since many here seems to know better already, i’ll just keep the trick a secret. We wouldn’t want flare to patch the weakness in the system.