A few questions

I noticed some unannounced changes so… 

What happened with the free ad chests, a few days ago i would get one/hour, now I get one or two/day

When/why did you nerf epic chests… a while ago I would find a pretty good amount of ambrosia, now for 300k coins i get usually 5-6 dominance and 40k coins, fantastic deal! Also I used to find some stray germs in them…absolutely nothing now.

 “a few questions” … actually just these two.

Hello Seelview,

The free ad chest appears every 4h roughly for me. It might take longer sometimes due to various technical reasons.

We removed the gems from the epic chests as some players found an exploit in order to get a high amount of gems for free.

However we haven’t made any other changes to the epic chest.

There is actually a higher chance to get Ambrosia in these chests than Dominance or Gold.

Yes I got a pretty good amount of gems from the epic chests… but they were not so free, the chests cost coins, coins come mostly from battles, battles take time…of course flare doesnt want my time, but my money, understandable… but my only payment option is through debit or credit card…and I have a Maestro one, not accepted by google play…I tried to buy a gift card, couldnt, google failed something, “try again at a later date”…I know it’s not your problem, I was just saying.

Thanks for you response Alysea

Hey Seelview,

Some players abused the system, which is not your case I think.

Because of these players we had to remove the gems from the chests.

I do not want to start another thread so I’ll ask here, Alysea I hope you will see this

Does the gathered amount of ambrosia from ambrosia islands occupied with heroes resets on every connection? I mean for me it does but is this normal?

Actually it seems to reset on every disconnection, then it gathers until I connect again and if I dont use it, when I disconnect it goes back to 0…

Hey Seelview,

Did you tap on the collect all button before logging out?

Also, could you please let me know if you notice this on the amount of Ambrosia visible on the main screen, at the top left, or on another screen, like the Tribute screen?

Well my silo is full so even if I do tap “collect all” it shouldnt matter, it says “ambrosia maxed, go to war”… here’s a screenshot to understand what I’m referring to… the ambrosia from olympus gathers and is kept for me to use it… the one from islands dissapears

Hello Seelview,

This amount should not reset with each connection, unless you collected it all, which you say is not the case.

I’d recommend you to check with the customer support if they have additional information about it: http://support.flaregames.com