A few questions

when I see the screen with the islands, there my main base in the middle, and a bunch of small islands around that I keep a attacking to take over. My questions are: 

  1. can others attack my main island

  2. when they attack my side islands that I took over, do each of the side islands have the exact same def as my main a island?

  3. are the others attacking my side islands real people?

  4. If so how’s that possible cause they were able to attack a couple of the medusa islands I took over, yet I can’t see other peoples medusa island?

  5. if they attack an island with my hero on it does my hero defend that island? If so what wave does he come in? I haven’t seen heros of anyone else when I attack 

  6. were are other people’s main islands? How can other’s (if they are real) be attacking me if I can’t see their main island  

thank you


All answers ,that you are looking for, are at the beginner guide : https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/201892019-Beginner-s-Guide

  1. Yes , except your Olympus Mount of course

  2. For defended island, yes. Undefended island are lost without battle

  3. No it is the matchmaking system. But when you attack against opponents, it is a real player who score a loose

  4. I guess that in a few time, you will see some people … let’s see (I just took Medusa islands ^^)

  5. No, Hero don’t participate at the defense. Your defense is exactly the same as the defense you can test at Olympus

  6. You can’t see other people island, it is a matchmaking system. Island are virtually, except for you. I you take an island, for other people they probably lost another island that you can’t see. Hard to explain, maybe a team members can explain this fact better than me.