A friend's opinion that one small battle standby time is too long.

A friend of the Top Alliance told me the thought on the conquest and my opinion on my strategy at Skype yesterday all night.

To talked  about " his complaints to conquest (2 hours)  he told  why so my account weakness ? (3 hours) My alliance why weakness ? (2 hours)"・・・?

てつやねこ.PNG It was the first Skype experience in my life. ・・・I think that the next opportunity will come soon.

Friends hope that they can utilize their accounts more fully with their friends at the conquest.It is about

He is very strong and ambitious. At the conquest he is saying that his want to do as much as we use up every day of his physical strength.

"It is only the night when the activity time comes back from work. It is my activity time from 6 o’clock to 0 o’clock. 6 hours ** a day** to play as a game.

I can not tolerate waiting for more than 2 hours! to challenge the battle in the prairie in 3 to 1(grassland) and end it with a dominant advantage.I want to move more!”

**”Conquest is not a match but a game that only makes territory. I want to fight hotly to create more strategies! Otherwise there is no meaning I’ve trained every day as a top player! I want a battlefield that combats with my friend and fights until I use up all my strength!” **

In the battle of  the top allies, he will be able to decide more combos・・・ It seems that he wants to win a lot of combo nation because many people are opponents.

He wants to finish as fast as it can win if each member battle once if 3: 1 (grassland).4: 1 (Forest and rocky mountains)

And this is him who has done a long phone talk last evening.

Since he can not post here, I decided to post here instead.