A Frosty Celebration

Saw that this on my teams group page.

1 Special month of surprises

2  New currency for gear

3 New PvE event with snow

Thought I would create a new topic to discuss this.

Consider it discussed… over to the next topic

Come on I think you are the only one who don’t see that. Everyone know about the new update :

You must follow the facebook page of Flaregames and must follow each topic on the forum to know all about each thing. If you want to discuss about the new update do it in the topic I have create New version. Thank you

Your 1st post was 24 days old didn’t know you were making it for every future update Flare releases. I didn’t read Maerique topic. I must have missed it being in Suggestions and Improvements. I don’t read that much. I don’t think Flare does either. No one has talked about the new gear currency that I can see. I’m active on the forum so if I can miss it I think other could have also.

We forgive you, but you should read more, no excuse for that, i suggest to start with the art of war by general Sunzi

I have read it, it’s a good book.

I really envy you Micky for being able to read this book. Have tried myself and fell asleep at the second chapter…

That s the reason you only have 4200 trophies… ?

But Inunderstanf… Maybe you should start with the tale of timmy tiptoes… ???

OK Micky, you got me, yes 4,200… But only temporarily. I will be back to <4,000 after the season, when I’ll open my base again :slight_smile: To get more Ninja Islands easily.