A funny idea

With the new Taverns coming out, has anyone tried opening their bases while all 4 taverns are upgrading? =P

What for? 

0 Gold available to be looted !


Especially if your storage is also 0 Gold!

The opponent still will see system-generated loot on your base. 


Take a look here: 

Yeah but still, we’re talking about an open base. The point of an open base isn’t to deter opponents, it’s to drop trophies and to not lose gold (:

Oh, so the main point is combining dropping trophies with upgrading taverns? Now makes more sense. 

I think he would say that if you have all max taverns upgrading, the opposite players see the loot from taverns or not since taverns are upgrading? For my logical if you upgrade a farm, that farm doesn’t give you food; so same thing with tavern: if a tavern is upgrading it shouldn’t give gold to you > so also no gold at enemy. 

Exactly. You never really have to log on =P